Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! One day closer to Friday...woo hoo. Here's my random thoughts for today:

  • I'm running a local 10k race on Saturday and am so nervous for it! It doesn't help that I haven't run further than 7km in a while. I am definitely not aiming to PR, more survive at this point.
  • I am getting so excited for my trip home in a week. My mom and I are hopefully taking a shopping trip to the States and so looking forward to hitting up Target. For my lucky friends in the States, what are the things that I MUST get from Target?
  • I had an amazing workout last night at CrossFit. I was so nervous going into the workout, but ended up loving it! See below for the workout.  I didn't use the required weight of 55lbs, but will definitely add more weight next time. If you want to know what a power snatch is watch this video.
  • we are going out for a belated anniversary dinner tonight to Mercato. So excited!
And because every post needs a picture, here are a couple from the hike we took last week in Kananaskis.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. You will do great at your race! Jealous of your trip top Target ;) I love that place... but for some reason once its here I know it won't. haha

  2. Great hike! Target!!! YAY! You will have to text me what you are buying in case I need it too! ;)
    Good luck on your race, you will be fine! Enjoy dinner, I love Mercato. yum.

  3. I love me some target :) If you liked that dry shampoo I sent you a while back, then you should stock up there! Also make sure you look at their home decor and cute and so inexpensive! Ohh, and scarves and shoes. Also cute and cheap. So, maybe just plan to buy everything you see ;) XO

  4. Enjoy your trip home!! I can't wait for target to come to Canada!!

  5. I can't WAIT for target to open up in Chinook... so excited! You'll do great in the 10k!

  6. When I did a 10K in November, I think the farthest I had run since the end of September or beginning of October was something like 7 or 8 k...and I PRd on a hilly course. Sometimes you surprise yourself? Just go for it and hope for the best :)

  7. We are going home in a week too! I wasn't too excited about it because we are driving but I'm getting more excited as it gets closer!

    Great job on the workout, that's A LOT of power snatches!

  8. You will do great at this race, I just know it! I haven't ran a 10k since Thanksgiving. I might do one on Labor Day, but am not sure if I have it in me to do it as I will be getting back from a trip that Sunday...

    Those pics at the end are gorgeous!

  9. I'm running the same race and also haven't run far in a while. Survival will be the common theme I think!!

  10. This may sound totally random. But target has the best sports bras!!! They may sell them somewhere else too. But I can only find them at target in arizona!



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