Thursday, August 30, 2012

Seen on my ride

Happy Thursday everyone! I am currently hanging out in Mr.D's office waiting for him to have a break in work so he can take me to the airport :)

Today, I thought I would do something a little different and take some inspiration from Kristen. She does posts every so often of things she has spotted on her run. Every time it makes me laugh with the weird things she has spotted. On my bike ride to and from work on Tuesday, I noticed a few things...

1. A middle aged man driving a convertible listening to gangster type rap. The music was so loud that I look over to my left to see where it's coming from and he waves really excitedly at me. I quickly looked away and hoped he wasn't following me home.

2. A man with the sweetest chops! They were down to his chin and bushy too.

3. SO many bike riders not wearing helmets. Granted I was riding on the pathways at this point, but it takes one second of you being on the road and a car not paying attention for them to hit you. Be safe people!

4. It was a gorgeous day out so there was tonnes of people floating down the Bow River. I was jealous as I was sweating my balls off (if I had balls of course!) on my bike ride home.

Tell me: what have you spotted lately? Anything worth mentioning?


  1. Even on a path, bad things can happen. A dog, another cyclist, a kid, a squirrel...they could all cause a collision and you could go flying off your bike or you could just fall. And those falls can cause head injuries...Even on the path, I think everyone should wear a helmet.

    But I also got accused of being "too Canadian" and "too safety conscious" by my friend from Columbia :)

  2. PS - i enjoy your use of "sweating my balls off." it is a staple in my household ever since my sister said it without knowing what it meant.

  3. We use "sweating my balls off" all the time too! It made me laugh out loud.
    Have a fantastic weekend

  4. We used to have a helmet law in Florida but it was revoked a few years back. So now, about 30% of bikers wear helmets it seems when it used to be 100%. I just cannot understand someone revoking a law that has to do with SAVING LIVES. Makes no freaking sense to me.

  5. So funny! Have a great trip!!

  6. I so badly want to float down the river!

  7. Hahaha sweating your balls off!! I miss being on my bike.

    Have a great long weekend visiting with your Mom!!

  8. Paula - don't get me started! For many people, they want to have choices, even if they are stupid, and it's easier for the government to pass a law allowing "freedom" than to deal with real issues.

    Strangest thing I saw was late last week while walking to work. A guy, riding his bike very slowly, heading the wrong way on 9th Ave (a major one way street in downtown Calgary) kind of alternating between the street and the sidewalk as the mood took him. No helmet. No bathing and no sobriety either. I was seriously tempted to video him, since he wasn't riding much faster than I walk.

  9. You have seen some interesting things lately!

    Let's see. Today I saw a girl who looked about 8 sucking her thumb - which I thought was odd. But then I was a teenage girl sucking her thumb 30 minutes later. What in the what?



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