Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

Last and final recap of our vacation....does that mean it's really over already?! :(

{You can find Alison's recaps here and here}

Yesterday, I posted about our first two days in Whistler. Today we are moving onto Kamloops, BC. On the Thursday morning, we packed everything back up into the SUV and made the four hour drive to Kamloops. Luckily, there were no smoking breaks this time and lots of sleeping was done. We stayed at the Riverside b&b and it was fantastic! Gorgeous location right on the water, amazing owners and out of this world breakfast each morning. 

The gorgeous gardens
Once we unloaded the SUV again, Mr.D and I headed to meet my cousin to go float down the river. It took us just over 2 hours and it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon enjoying the sunshine.

My cousin and I
After floating, we headed back to the hotel to shuttle the boys up Rose Hill for some downhill riding. It was a crazy road up there, but produced some gorgeous views!

The boys before their ride
Gorgeous views

After the second shuttle to the top of the hill, Alison and I headed back to the b&b to shower and get ready for dinner. Little did we know how the night would turn out! Turns out that my dead Mr.D had quite the fall resulting in a broken bike and some blood. I was definitely freaking out, but glad it was just three stitches and some road rash. No urgent care clinics were open past 6pm, so we headed to the hospital. Luckily, it took only took a little over two hours to get him all fixed up :)

One right tire and one badly broken tire
Thanks Justin for fixing him up each morning!
The next day was supposed to be spent driving the boys out to Sun Peaks for some more biking, but neither were feeling quite up to it {I wonder why?!}. Instead, we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast at the b&b, some relaxation and then headed to the downtown area for some lunch. The boys somehow ended up on a rooftop patio while the girls were searching for books. I think we were all slowly melting during was so hot!
Alison and I at lunch

After lunch, we headed back to the b&b for a nap for some, some sunshine and workouts for others. The best part of the b&b (besides breakfast of course!) was the dock and the rope swing. We spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine on the dock and failing at the rope swing for myself. I honestly wish that we would have video taped me on the swing because it was hilarious! 

Later that night, we made ourselves look pretty and headed to meet my aunt for a fantastic Greek dinner. So much yummy food!

Alison and I
Mr.D and I
When I said earlier that the best part of the b&b was the rope swing, breakfasts and dock, I lied. The in ground tampoline had them all beat! Alison and I definitely had a hoot on it.

Saturday was spent driving back to Seba, catching up with Alison's family and playing a hilarious game of catch phrase. So much fun!

Gorgeous views near Jasper

The group
And just like that, the trip is over. Thank you Alison and Justin for a great road trip! Lots of memories were made (stinky farts from Mr.Black, pushing Alison in the lake, etc) and hopefully we can do another trip in the future together :)


  1. Omg I am so sad its over. I wanna go back right now. Great recap. You will be going in the lake via my hands. Rest assured! Watch your back. ;) hope B is getting better. And planning breakfast!! ;)

  2. Looks like a great trip!! That trampoline looks awesome!! Poor Mr. D!! He must be so sad about his bike!

    Hotties in bikinis!!

  3. I am glad Mr. D's injuries weren't worse. Yikes! That is really scary!! I would have freaked out, too.

    It looks like you had an awesome trip! Those trampoline pictures are AWESOME. You girls really got some air!

  4. Glad you guys had fun in Kamloops and got to float the river! Such a classic Kamloops thing to do :) I actually haven't done it yet this year so I need to remedy that before the summer is over!

  5. how fun!! love the trampoline in the ground!

  6. i love that you were so active on your vaca!! ooks like so much fun!!

  7. Sounds like a fun little getaway! Hope Mr. D is healing up just fine.



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