Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer vacation 2012: Seba and Whistler

Thank you everyone for your comments yesterday :) It was a pretty low key day for us, which included a CrossFit class, a trip to IKEA and a movie.I won't mention any names, but someone owes me an anniversary breakfast- looking at you Mr.D! We decided to do a belated anniversary dinner out next week, so I will be looking forward to that :)

Ok, back to the trip recaps! Our vacation started last Sunday when we dropped Harley off at the kennel and headed out to Alison's parents lake cabin. We spent the day soaking up the sun, playing Kan Jam, enjoying a delicious dinner and fireworks. Perfect way to spend a Sunday! We were up bright and early on Monday morning to do the drive from Edmonton to Whistler. While the boys took turns driving, Alison and I spent the time in the back sleeping, reading and talking. With a few stops along the way, we made it to Whistler in about 13 hours. First stop after unloading the SUV was Black's pub for much needed drinks.
Sleepy Alison..mwuaha!
Mr.D and Justin 
The first full day in Whistler was spent grocery shopping, shopping, running, exploring for Alison and I. The boys were off to ride the mountain. I'm still not really sure how it happened, but in the afternoon Alison and I found ourselves on a patio in the sunshine with a $10 pitcher of sangria. Best idea ever! While the girls made it back from our day in one piece, the boys weren't so lucky. Justin came back with a massive scrap on his leg and a bum ankle :( Good news was that he survived to ride another day!

The view of the base of the mountain from our room
The second day in Whistler was spent going for a walk around Lost Lake, more biking for the boys, zip lining and a delicious Mexican dinner. 

Mr.D and I 

Alison and I at Lost Lake

Us again at dinner
The boys and their huge jug of beer
Alison, myself and my crooked helmet
Mr.D and I zip lining
Our group
Lost Lake
I had never been zip lining before, but so glad that we went! I won't lie, there were a few minor freak outs on my part. Those moments included suspension bridges and walking down the stairs to do the longest zip worth it in the end when you were flying down the line above the trees and over the creek. Fun!

Overall, we loved our time in Whistler! We stayed at the Sundial Hotel, which was fantastic. It was located right at the base of the mountain and is located steps away from shopping in Whistler village. I definitely recommend it if you ever stay in Whistler.

Tell me: have you ever been to Whistler? Or have you ever been zip lining?


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

    I've never been to Whistler but I've been to Mt Tremblant and apparently it is Whistler Jr.

    We wanted to go ziplining this weekend in Vermont, but a storm rolled in so we were relegated to sitting on the couch and reading. (not a bad activity, but not quite as exciting)

  2. Best time ever!! Love your crooked helmet! Ha ha. Great re-cap. And yes mr owes you big!! Thanks again for a great trip!!

  3. That sounds like a great trip!! I have not spent any time in Whistler since I was a kid actually. Keep meaning to make a weekend trip out there but haven't gotten around to it yet! Maybe next year or this fall :)

  4. Your crooked helmet cracks me up!!!

    Justin's leg looks like he got scratched by a bear!

    I am glad you guys had a great trip!!

  5. So jealous of this trip! It looks like tons of fun! I have never been ziplining, but definitely want to go at some point in my life!

  6. No and no! But I want to try zip-lining, it is something that really scares me but I want to try it now!

  7. I have never been to Whistler but looks like a cool place for a mini-getaway.

    I've been ziplining before. I went in Mexico last summer and it was super fun. Especially when we ziplined over jaguars and alligators!!

  8. I haven't tried yet! We were supposed to go with my girl's night group on Thursday (just out to COP) but they cancelled all zip lining that night for maintenance. Booooooo
    $10 jugs of Sangria on a patio sound perfect

  9. Looks like an awesome vacation! And $10 for a jug of Sangria is an awesome deal!!

    I have never been to Whistler and I have never been zip lining but I hope to do both some day!

  10. 13 hour drive? Holy crap you guys are troopers! I thought I was going to die after 8 hours!!

    I've been to Whistler but it was when I was 17 so it's been awhile! Would love to go back! Such a gorgeous place.

    I'm so glad J isn't into mountain biking anymore! Those injuries (to the men and bike) scare me!



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