Monday, August 27, 2012

{weekend recap} and a race report

Happy Monday everyone! The weather sure turned around from Friday when it was cold and rainy....we ended up having lots of sun and around 23C both Saturday and Sunday.

{friday} When I got home from work, it was raining so I waited a while to take Harley for a walk. After our walk, I came home and lounged on the couch catching up The Bachelor Pad while Mr.D went to a friend's house. Pretty sure I was in bed around 10:15pm to read and it was fabulous!

{saturday} We were up bright and early (well 7:30am is pretty early for us on a weekend!) as I was running the MEC 10km. It was CHILLY that morning, but I refused to wear long pants/long sleeves in August. I ended up running in a running skirt and tank top, which worked out perfectly. The race started in Edworthy Park, which is just a short drive from our house. We leave around 8:20am for a 9am race start, which gave us plenty of time to find parking and get to the start. As we were heading to the race start, I spotted Cori in the parking lot. It was nice to see a familiar face at the race!

Yes, I am really short!

Thanks for the picture Cori ;)
The race started promptly at 9am with an out and back route. My main goal for this race was to finish! I was so, so under trained, which is no one's fault but my own. Around 2.5-3k, I hear someone coming up behind me and it turned out to be Heather! We started chatted and decided to stick together for the rest of the race. Neither of us were properly trained, so we walked when we needed a break and even made a pit stop at a porta pottie. The race wasn't quite 10km, but we crossed the finish line in just over 57 minutes. Far from my PR, but not a personal worst either! Thank you again Heather for letting me run with helped me finish the race and I had fun!

If you are looking for a cheap (it was $15) and a smaller race, this is just for you. There is no chip timing or t-shirts, but I loved the route and don't need another race t-shirt, so it was perfect. Looking forward to the next one in October!

After the race, we headed home and I started to stain the deck. Not a fun job at all, but since Mr.D sanded the whole thing, I told him I would stain it. Half way through the staining, Mr.D's parents showed up (they were visiting for the weekend), so I took a break to catch up with them. After finishing the first coat of the stain, I headed inside for a shower. My wonderful MIL agreed to brave IKEA on a Saturday afternoon with me to return a few things and pick up some shelves. Once we got home, Mr.D and my FIL got to work at hanging the shelves and I LOVE how they turned out. Full update to come later this week :) The rest of the day was spent making dinner, getting ice cream and watching a movie.

Making progress on the first coat and the finished product
{sunday} Before Mr.D's parents headed home, we went out for breakfast to Cadence which is located in Bowness. It worked out really well because there was a car show going on and my FIL absolutely loves old cars. After breakfast, my in laws headed home and I put the second coat of stain on the deck. So glad that it's all done! 

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. Great job on the race! I am not sure I could not 10km right now without dying. haha
    Deck looks great!

  2. Love the deck Leigh! Can't wait to see your shelves!

  3. Wish we had been home for the race! I totally would have done it (well tried to) with you! HaHa
    We did a 5k in Whitefish on Saturday and it was only 0 when we got up.
    The deck looks great. What a difference

  4. When you tweeted about a cool morning I was jealous - our weekend was hot and muggy. Bleh.

    Glad you and Heather had fun at the race!

  5. The deck looks great!!

    We did our pics when we were out at Edworthy! It is an awesome park! Nice to actually know where you talking about lol!

    Cant wait to see your Ikea purchases

  6. love the stain! looks so lovely :) i was up at 7:00 on Saturday and was planning to sleep in. oops! guess my body is getting me ready for the baby!

  7. Deck looks awesome!! Can't wait to see your bathroom! Glad you had a buddy to run with, that helps! :)

  8. I just found your blog and I love it! I just got into running, and am training for my second half marathon in January!

    Can't wait to follow!

    Meg @

  9. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Nice work on the 10k! I am glad you had some company along the run!

    My weekend was great. I did my 20 miler on Saturday, and then did not do much else as I had to get up at 4:30 (had to set up our running club water stop and then did 4 miles before the rest of the group started). So Saturday was pretty uneventful besides the run. Sunday I ran a bunch of errands and then went to my aunt's for dinner!

  10. the stain color looks great! congrats on your run and a 10:15 friday night bed time sounds wonderful to me

  11. Good job on the race and on staining the deck!! Sometimes runs where you just take it easy and have fun are the best ones :)

  12. Geez woman- 57 minutes untrained? I might hate you a tiny bit!! I'm hoping to do my 10K next weekend in less than 1:10 and I am trained (ish).

    The deck turned out great!! You are a trooper for doing the staining yourself.



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