Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Race recap: Run For Water 10K

Another 10k in the books! It was a gorgeous day for a race and I was so glad that I signed up for this race.

The race started at 9am out of Eau Claire, which meant a sleep in and lots of time to make my way downtown. I got to the race start about 25 minutes before hand, and quickly found Nicole, J and Audrey pretty quickly. We chatted for a few minutes and then it was off to the start line! I also ran into Cori coming out of the bathroom :) For the 10k, they had pace bunnies which I had never seen before. The route was different from most races that start at Eau Claire, which was great (you can find the race map here).

My main goal for this race was to take it easy for the first 5k and then pick it up in the second 5k. That didn't exactly happen, but I beat my 10k time from two weeks ago and I didn't puke at the end. That always makes me happy! ;)

Overall, I really enjoyed this race. Great route, awesome medal and great volunteers. The only negative part was there was a part on the course where the 10k runners and 5k walkers met up. The race took place on the river pathways and the walkers were walking 3-4 abreast across the pathway. I kept having to yell "on your left" and some barely moved over at all. I know that's hard to control, but that would be the only negative part to this race. 

My finishing time was 56:49, 23 out of 58 in my age group and 155 out of 303 people. Not my greatest race, but that's what I get for not training.

Cori and I after the race
I loved the medals!
Nicole and I before the race
After the race, I hung around to watch Nicole come across the finish line looking strong! We grabbed some food and water, and chatted for a couple minutes after. 

Overall, a great race! I can't wait to do this one again next year.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I'm glad I did! :) Yay for races! A few years back I got really into 5ks and thought I could actually "be" a runner.... Let's just say I've slacked big time since then, but I'm hoping to get back into it. Looking forward to following along :)

  2. Nice work Leigh!! Glad you ran in to some friends too. And high five for no puking. :)

  3. nicely done! but boy, does your blog make me really miss my running!!! :( i'll be back at it soon enough, i know...

  4. Another great race Leigh!! You need to share your secret so I can get faster and maybe run a race with you one of these days!! Thanks for letting me know about this race- I definitely want to do it next year!

  5. Looks like it was such a beautiful day for a race! I'm glad you did well. I think it would really annoy me with the congestion of walkers overlapping the runners :( I think that it's key not to make those overlap when having a race, but hopefully that won't happen again. Glad you did well and didn't puke :)

  6. What exactly is a "pace bunny?" PLEASE tell me it's a pacer dressed as a bunny. Please please please tell me that. Like, lie if you have to.

    Nice job on no puking! Gold star!

  7. Awesome! Sounds like a fun race! :)

  8. Nice work! I think you did awesome, especially since you aren't really focusing on training for a race right now! Well done!

  9. Hey! popping by your blog by way of your comment on mine! That`s a great 10km finish time, nice work in deed! Looking forward to the last chance half in November... it`s already been chilly enough outside to make me question my resolve sometimes. Looking forward to following your training!

  10. I have yet to run a 10k race hopefully I will get to that point. I have gotten tons better at running :) Good job on the race girlie!



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