Wednesday, September 19, 2012

These are my confessions {V17}

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Too many hair products
Shaving my big toes
Must make the bed
Random chin hair 

Zero patience 

Small number of friends 

No undies 
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Children's toothbrush
Picky eater
Dislike for country music
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Not using the dishwasher 

To do a bikini body building contest or not?

Cry baby

I confess....that I am terrible at doing my hair. I have three basic looks:

1) Straight 

2) French braids/ braid

3) Attempted curls

It makes me wish that I was better at doing my hair like Adrian or Kate. Any one want to give me lessons on how to do my hair?!

Tell me: what are you terrible doing beauty wise? Or what do you wish you could do better?


  1. I think they all look great already! I just wish I had more time in the morning to try new things. Or you could just move and be my neighbor and I could curl it like on vacation! :)

  2. Oh whatever, your hair looks cute! And you can do those braids! haha I have one main look - straight in a ponytail or down and straight which happens about 10 times a year.

  3. I wish I was better at braiding my hair!!! Or that I was mroe ambitious to curl my hair everyday... one of my goto looks is tied back... so you are further ahead than I am!!

  4. I'm awful at doing my hair also. It's the same every day. If there's a special occasion, I'll go to my hair dresser and have her style it for me, haha. It makes me feel like the worst girl in the world since I suck so much at doing hair.

  5. I have TWO hair styles. Straight and messy bun, so you're beating me out :P I really should figure out how to curl my hair so it looks nice as it would be nice to have a third style!!

  6. I have 2 looks - straight or in a pony tail. I used to have time to add some curl....
    I am super jealous of anyone that can put a french braid in their hair - my Mom didn't know how to braid and therefore I never really learned how to braid either.
    I plan on sending my daughter friends houses to learn from their Moms. LOL

  7. I totally have two looks as well - straight or ponytail. At least you can french braid it - I can't do that even.
    I need some quick easy lessons so I can try something (anything!) else. And have it work out of course!

  8. Whatever!! Your hair always looks awesome!! I wish my braids looked like yours! They are so skinny and pathetic looking. I do agree that your curls could use a little help!! Have you tried any of Kate's tutorials? I love them! I ended up buying that Aquage Uplifting Foam that she raves about from Amazon. It was like $30... it's good stuff! Anyway I have learned a few good tricks on curling hair from her so it's worth a shot to try it. I'm just jealous of her (and your) hair! I can do my hair but not always the way I want to because I have so many fly aways and not a lot of hair so I end up having bald spots!

    Adrian has gorgeous hair too. So envious of her! She can do some pretty neat things with it. Maybe she will move to Calgary and become my personal hair stylist!! Haha!

  9. Oh man, if you think YOU are bad at doing your hair, I am in a whole league of my own as I can't even curl my own hair. Or braid it. It's either stick straight or it's naturally curly. I can't do anything else!

  10. I am super terrible at lipstick... I almost never use it because when I do it always seems like one side has more than the other, and then you try to fix it and before you know it you have clown lips!

    In the first picture with curls you look kinda like Eric's sister from that 70s show! cute!

  11. I suck at doing hair too!! booo



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