Thursday, September 20, 2012

WOD's and birthday lists

Happy Thursday everyone! This week has been pretty busy at work, so I am getting excited it's almost the weekend again. 

I haven't talked lately about the CrossFit workouts that I've been doing, so I thought I would post a couple that I've done. On Monday, the workout was:

This was a TOUGH workout! I used 1.25 pood/hand and 85lbs for the front squats. I was beating myself up mentally through this whole workout. I'll be glad if I never see it come up again. 

Last night, the workout was:

This was a MUCH better workout for me. I used 75lbs for the push jerk and finished in 21:53. Luckily, I partnered with a friend in the class and we helped push each other through it.


My birthday isn't for another month, but Mr.D keeps bugging me about what I want for my birthday. So, here are some of the things on my birthday wish list.

1. A pair of weightlifting shoes
I haven't decided on a what pair I want yet though

2. A pair of Reebok nano's
Can be found here

3. Fun socks for CrossFit
I like these or these

4. Workout gear
- Lululemon cool racerback tank top in size 4
Lululemon run swiftly tech v-neck in size 4
- Lululemon run swiftly tech long sleeve in size 4
- Lululemon turbo run short in size 4

5. I would never say no to jewelery either ;)

I am sure I will think of more stuff as soon as I hit publish on this post!


  1. Love those runners! So bright and cute! Good idea with the list. Anything lululemon is wonderful!! I don't really have anything I wanted this year..boring. WODs sound good!! Nice work.

  2. Good for you, those workouts sounds intense! I'm finally trying to get back into the swing of things, but have a long way to go.

    I think some of those Lululemon clothes might make me more motivated ;)

  3. Size 4 show off! My right calf could probably fit in a size 4.
    Those are cute crossfit socks! Those would be so helpful for the double unders and the dead lifts. Ouch.

  4. That's a good list! Love the socks for crossfit. I have never seen people wearing funky socks like that at our box. That's fun! haha

  5. Fun list! I love compiling my wish list for Christmas!

  6. I love birthday/Christmas lists! So fun to write. Also, it's always funny to me how I can never intuitively guess what a crossfit workout means. I guess it's just foreign until you do it. Like when I hear "push pull" or "double unders" or what not. Anyway, way to kick some butt!

  7. ugh...lululemon. i want it ALL



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