Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall reads

The other day Jen was asking for post ideas on Twitter and I suggested a post on her recent reads. So, I am totally stealing my own idea and doing a post on the books that I've read recently.

One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf
This book reminded me of one called Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It tells the story of a small town that has a sudden tragic event happen. Different members of the community tell the story, so you get to experience how the event affects each person.

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
Stacey recommended this book to me after I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted a cheesy, romantic book to read. It kind of reminded me of 50 Shades except with much less sex, bondage and controlling men. It was an easy read if you want a cheesy love story with a little bit of sex thrown in there.

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova
I've read the author's other book called Still Alice, which I loved. This book is about two women living on Nantucket with two totally different lives. One suffers the lost of her austic son and the other is mourning the loss of her marriage. As one begins writing a book, it brings the two women slowly closer together. Overall, it wasn't a terrible book, but I just struggled to love it. 

Tell me: what have you read lately?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MEC Bow River Fall Run 10K {race report}

On Saturday, Mr.D and I ran another 10k race that MEC put on. For $15, it's hard to pass up these races! Granted, you only get a bib with your entrance fee, but it's really all you need. 

We left our house around 8:20am and made it in plenty of time to the race start. We ended up sitting in our car until 5 minutes before the race start because it was freezing outside. I am talking -8C with a windchill of -15C. Oh and LOTS of snow on the ground. While sitting in the car, I was tweeting with Cori to see if she had shown up and not backed out like I wanted too!

Sitting in the car debating whether or not to go home!

Cori and I before the race. Thanks for the picture Cori!

After chatting for a couple of minutes, we were off! They changed the route for this race, which was actually nice. It went out along the river pathways to the Crowchild bridge, then across to the 14th street bridge where you turn around and come back to the start. The first 5km's were the worst because it was straight into the snow and wind. My goal for this race was to not fall and survive. I think I accomplished both. 

I finished the race in 55:19, which I was happy with considering how snowy and icy the pathways were. After the race, we quickly headed home as it was way too cold to stand around. I had to run 16km that day, so when I got home, I quickly changed and grabbed Harley and we ran the last 6km together. 

Overall, another great race put on by MEC. I will definitely be signing up for the ones in the spring!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend highlights

Happy Monday everyone! Thank you for all of your birthday wishes on Friday. Loved reading all of your comments on Mr.D's post. He's sure a keeper to write posts each year for my birthday :)

If you are participating in the Canadian Bloggers Christmas Swap, I will be pairing everyone up this week and will be doing a post shortly with your partner information :)
  • I had the day off on Friday, so I slept in, went to CrossFit, and then went to pick up my cousin from the airport
  • we went shopping the afternoon and then out for dinner to Fergus & Bix
  • Saturday morning, Mr.D and I ran the MEC Bow River fall run, which was more like winter run! It was -8C (-15C with the windchill) and snowy! After the race, I came home and ran the last 6km with Harley.
  • Saturday night was spent making no slip headbands with my cousin. They are super easy to make!
  • Sunday morning I went to a CrossFit class and then picked up my cousin in the afternoon. We spent the afternoon watching "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" and hanging out. Perfect way to spend the afternoon :)
Tell me: how was your weekend? Did you do anything for Halloween?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy birthday Leigh!

Happy Friday everyone! Mr.D is making his annual appearance on the blog today in honour of my birthday. You can find his previous posts here and here.


The 25th year. A big deal in anyone's life. A time when most will reflect on what they have achieved, who they have become, and where they want to go with the rest of their life. I believe that this is a step that Leigh had taken before her 25th birthday. Before her 25th birthday Leigh was already married (to me, although everyday I try to figure out how I suckered her into that one), already owned a house (in 30 years....), and already had a dog. Tentative plans for kids had been discussed (not for a while, sorry moms), and ideas for a Europe trip were in the works. So what was there for Leigh to do that was somewhat life changing after 25 years on this Earth? The answer is one word..... crossfit!

It was about a year ago that Leigh told me she wanted to try crossfit. As a rugby player, I had "attempted" crossfit in the past and my first thought was "Yeah right, have fun". I was quite surprised when Leigh signed up for the intro class at Calgary Crossfit and actually came home from the classes happy. My experience with crossfit had me believe that a class was an hour in which you wish you had never been born, followed by an evening where moving from a fetal position was insurmountable. 

Needless to say, Leigh had found an activity that would keep her fit, not take up all of her free time (still allowing her to take Harley for a walk and bake me delicious chocolate chip cookies..... mmm, chocolate chip cookies....) and allowed her to be a part of a growing community of athletes that she can relate to.

Crossfit has quickly become an important part of Leigh's life. She enjoyed it so much (and was getting stronger than me) so I decided that I should sign up for the intro class and join her in her fitness adventure. I have enjoyed crossfit, but Leigh has truly embraced it. I go to crossfit. Leigh is a crossfitter. There is a difference, trust me.

The level of physical intensity of crossfit changes an individual, and I think it has changed Leigh. Not only is she physically tougher, but mentally tougher as well. 

Don't believe me that she is a crossfitter? Check how many crossfit posts she has had in the last year. Look at her Christmas list from last year, or her birthday list from this year. Do you know how hard and counter-intuitive it is for a husband to buy his wife EXERCISE apparel as a gift? I might as well put a pillow and blanket on the couch, because that's where most guys would end up. And judging by the way Leigh flips tires, if she said sleep on the couch, I sleep on the couch.

Are you going to mess with that? I'm not!

Fitness aside, the other positive aspect of Leigh getting into crossfit is the support she feels from the crossfit community. When she goes to crossfit, she will tell me more about the people in the class, or the coaches that are helping her, rather than the work out itself. She has met a lot of great athlete, and some inspiring ones as well.

It has been an interesting year, lots has happened, but for me, the year when Leigh was 25 will be the year of crossfit.

I love you Leigh, hope you don't mind me posting these pics.

Mr. D

P.S. I'm not so flattering at crossfit.

God that looks bad. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{what I'm loving}

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am out of town for work, so it's been a busy week so far.

This week I am loving:
  • that my cousin is coming to visit on Friday for the weekend. It's only a short visit, but better than not seeing each other at all!
  • that my birthday is on Friday! Even better is that I took the day off work, so I get to spend the day doing stuff I enjoy :)
  • I am not loving the cold weather we've been having and that I'm not at home :(
  • that I've finally figured out how to use my curling wand. Took me a couple tries, but it's pretty easy now!
  • that I can finally do a handstand pushup. Granted it's only to a small pillow {instead of to the floor}, but it's better than nothing.
Tell me: what are you loving this week?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just a friendly reminder..

Just wanted to remind everyone that if you are a Canadian blogger and are interested in a Christmas blog swap, please let me know by Friday October 26, 2012. I will be picking the partners this weekend, so will need final numbers/names by then. It's a fun time, so don't miss out!

You can find more details here.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Highlights of the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was fantastic minus the weather.

 - a yoga workout on Friday night with my yoga "partner"

- went to see Pitch Perfect on Friday with Nicole. Hilarious movie! I will definitely be watching it again when it comes out on video

- this isn't really a highlight, but a run on Saturday morning with Harley in the snow storm. To describe this run, all I need is two words: IT SUCKED!

- dinner at Without Papers Pizza on Saturday night with Lindsey and Alison and the husbands. Great pizza and great conversations!

- I had a craving for dessert while out for dinner, so we came home and made two bite brownies. Craving satisfied!

- a CrossFit workout on Sunday morning and then another run with Harley. This one was cold, but at least there were no snow flakes going in my eyes. 

- errands ran to Wal-Mart and Costco. The parking lot of Costco was busy, but the store wasn't too bad.

- Fresh baked banana muffins

Tell me: what were the highlights of your weekend?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's letters

Happy Friday everyone! So excited that the weekend is finally  here.

Dear Lisa: wishing you the best of luck on your marathon this weekend! You have trained so hard and you are going to kick it's butt! Can't wait to hear how it went :)

Dear weekend: we actually have some exciting plans this weekend and I am quite excited.

Dear weather: please, please be warmer than 1C this weekend. And please don't bring the snow...I'm not ready for that quite yet.

Dear Kobo: hopefully we have some time to spend together this weekend because I have a few books that I'd love to start reading. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello Thursday! One day closer to Friday :)  I saw this on Amber's blog the other day, and thought I would copy her (because she's fabulous!) and play along.

Feeling a little tired, a little stressed and ready for the weekend.

Reading nothing at the moment. I just finished reading a couple books by Emily Giffin (Something Blue, Something Borrowed, Where We Belong) and enjoyed them. They are easy and cheesy reads, but it was exactly what I needed lately.

Longing for the weekend and a morning to sleep in!

Laughing at Harley the other night when Mr.D put the cone of shame on his head. He just looked so sad yet so cute. And it wasn't to be mean...he has some spots on his belly that he keeps licking which are getting irritated, so we are trying to stop that.

Crying was me during my workout at CrossFit on Tuesday night. It was one of those workouts that they kept saying I was doing something wrong and I just couldn't get it. I was so frustrated with myself that the tears starting flowing. I felt pretty silly, but a girl who was in the class sent me a message and made me feel better about it.

Looking forward to the next couple of weekends. My birthday, my cousin visiting, dinner with friends, etc.

Journaling is something I haven't done in a long time! And by journaling, I mean actually writing in a notebook.

Celebrating nothing quite yet, but will be in just over a week for my birthday :)

Eating nothing exciting lately. I am trying to watch what I eat again, as I was feeling blah about myself and I hate that feeling.

Running lots still! I have a 10k next weekend that I am looking forward to :)

Hoping that it's nothing big when I take Harley to the vet this afternoon. He's had those spots that I mentioned above for over a week now and they aren't going away. Mr. D and I think he had a reaction to something he ate over Thanksgiving. The little devil was eating tomatoes out of my MIL's garden! 

Planning a trip in the spring with my mom and two friends to Ireland. So excited already for the trip!

Drinking my all time favourite Diet Coke and water. Trying to cut back on the DC, but it's so good!

Missing my mom and family as always.

Listening to not many music stations lately. I find myself listening to CBC on the way to work and on the way home, and quite enjoy it.

Making a recipe for peanut butter granola this weekend. My cousin made me some before and gave me the recipe, and it's so good!

Tell me: something that is happening with you right now :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

That post where she gets angry: part three

Last year, I did a post about my pet peeves when it comes to blogging. You can find that post here. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and all of the good things that has come from it, but sometimes it drives me nuts. 

{one} word verification
This was number one on my last post and still tops the list. I can't stand trying to figure out what the heck the mumble jumble of a word is! They never make any sense and I end up getting it wrong and then give up on leaving a comment.

{two} leaving your blog url in your comment
For some reason, this really bugs me. I know that people do it to get their blog seen by more people, but if I want to read someone's blog, I will go to it myself. It feels like I HAVE to read their blog when people do this.

{three} never responding to comments
If your reader leaves you a comment asking a question and has an e-mail linked to their comment, why not take the two seconds to respond back to that person? I can understand if it's a blog with a large audience, but if not, it doesn't take long to respond to your reader. 

{four} over sharing of new posts
On one hand, I like when people tweet a link to their new post on Twitter as it makes it easier for me to stay up to date. But, on the other hand, it drives me nuts when people share it multiple times in an hour or so. Or multiple tweets in a row with the link to it. 

Tell me: what drives you nuts when it comes to blogging?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Believe in yourself

Brace yourself, this might be a cheesy post.

Lately, I have been having terrible long runs and no confidence in myself at CrossFit. It's been a couple of those kinds of weeks where nothing was shaking that feeling. Then on Saturday, I had an OUTSTANDING long run. One of those runs that made me say finally and made me love running again. Last night I had a great workout at CrossFit that made me realize that I put myself down way too much and that I am strong and am getting stronger.

I need to stop putting myself down and believe that I can flip a tire, do multiple pull ups, run 15 kilometers, etc. Whatever it may be, I can and will do it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend highlights

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was actually pretty darn good. No set plans, which was exactly what I needed.

Highlights of my weekend:

  • A CrossFit workout on Friday night after work. It was freaking tough, but felt great when it was done!
  • an early dinner at Nick's with Mr.D on Saturday. They have great pizza!
  • Mr. Harley sneaking onto the blankets while I made the bed.
  • a sleep in Saturday and Sunday morning. Oh and a fantastic 1.5 hour nap on Saturday night. 
  • a great run on Saturday morning. I have been having crappy long runs lately, and this run was exactly what I needed. I started out around a 5:35 km and worked my way down to a 5:14 km for the last kilometer! Felt amazing.
  • Went to visit a co-worker in the hospital. She's not doing well, but it was great to sit and just chat with her.
  • Another CrossFit workout on Sunday morning. It wasn't my greatest performance because of my tired legs, but still felt great to be in there.  I also got to try my new weight lifting shoes, which were an early birthday present from Mr.D
  • A bbq with some friends at a local park. It actually wasn't too bad weather wise, but once the sun goes down, it's chilly!
Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY {anywhere} art

A couple of weekends ago, we were at the mall and I spotted a sign that I loved. I couldn't stomach the price for the sign, so I decided to make my own.


- paint
- canvas
- stencil
- paint brush


  1.  Paint your canvas whatever background color you decide on.
  2. Once the paint has dried, begin to stencil your saying onto your canvas
  3. Once done stenciling your saying, hang it up on your way to enjoy :)
All of the materials
Starting to paint the background colour

The finished product

Easy peasy! You can find another easy DIY art project that I did here

Tell me: have you done any DIY projects lately?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I got nothing

Oh my, this might be a pretty lame post today. Forgive me okay?

Random thoughts in my brain:
  • I had a great weekend spending time with my mom and Mr.D's family. We went to Edmonton on Saturday and came back on Monday. Our weekend included: Indian food, running, turkey, family and laughing.
  • I took zero pictures this weekend. Terrible blogger I know.
  • Mr.D and Harley came for part of my run with me on Sunday and it was a gorgeous day in the river valley. Running with someone makes the kilometers go by so fast!
  • I bought a new workout long sleeved shirt from Winners that looks exactly like a Lululemon shirt. Best part? It was only $19.99. I think I need more stat.
  • Is anyone else watching Homeland, Dexter or Sons of Anarchy? Love all of them!
  • I had a great run last night with Harley. One of those that make me actually love running. Fingers crossed more of them come around soon!
And because every post needs a picture:

He is so silly!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's letters

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a fabulous week. Just a few reminders:
  • if you are a Canadian blogger and love Christmas, join in the Christmas blog swap. Find more information here.
  • if you are a Calgary and area blogger, and would like to meet some fellow bloggers, find more information here.
 Onto my letters for this fabulous Friday:

Dear fellow Canadians: Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy all the delicious food with your families. Dear mom: so excited to see you tonight and be able to spend the weekend with you. Dear bloggers: so excited to see lots of you sign up for the blog swap and to find some new blogs to read. If you know of Canadian bloggers, spread the word :) Dear weather: please no more snow until November. I am not ready for it at all.

Have a great long weekend everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Calgary & area blogger meet up {part two}

Hi everyone! After the last blogger meet up went so well, I thought it would be fun to organize another meet up before the end of this year. I know that the next couple of month get busy with holiday parties, but hopefully we can find a date that works for everyone.

The lovely girls at the last meet up
A few people weren't able to come to the last meet up, so hopefully we can find a Friday or Saturday that works for everyone, so traffic isn't an issue. I've listed some dates below, so please let me know if you would love to come and what dates work for yourself.

October 12, 13
November 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30
December 1, 7, 8

I will be opening my house again to everyone, unless someone else is dying to have it at theirs. It will be a pot luck style with everyone contributing a dish. I was also thinking it might be fun to a Chinese gift exchange with whoever is wanting to participate (the gift would only have to be $10). I am open to everyone's ideas though!

So, leave a comment letting me know if you would like you to come and what dates work for yourself :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

These are my confessions {V18}

Before I get into my confession today, I just wanted to say how excited I am for the Christmas blog swap! I love seeing the comments rolling in and finding some new blogs to read. If you haven't signed up yet, make you leave a comment on my post yesterday :) Just one thing- if you are the Emily who left a comment yesterday, can you send me an email at bestthingislove @ Your comment wasn't connected to a blog or email, so I want to make sure you are included :)

You can find my previous confessions here:

Too many hair products
Shaving my big toes
Must make the bed
Random chin hair 

Zero patience 

Small number of friends 

No undies 
Silly crushes
Children's toothbrush
Picky eater
Dislike for country music
First kiss
Not using the dishwasher 

To do a bikini body building contest or not?
Cry baby

Lacking hair skills 

 I confess....that if I HAD to have plastic surgery, I would choose to get a chin implant of some sort. I don't think that I would ever pay for it myself, but if I had the chance to have free surgery this would be it. I know it's a strange thing to get done, but I'm not a big fan of my profile because of my chin/jaw. But don't worry, I promise I still love myself :)

Do you see what I mean?

Tell me: if you had the chance for free plastic surgery, would you get something done? Either big or minor? Or are you totally against plastic surgery?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Favorite Things Christmas Swap 2012

I know, I know, it's barely October and I am already talking about Christmas. Hear me out okay though because I promise it's for a good reason :)

Last year, Lindsey and I teamed up to organize a Christmas blog swap for Canadians as we are never able to join in other swaps. It went so well and everyone loved it so much that we decided to do it again this year! I know that both of us have connected with more Canadian bloggers over this past year, so hopefully we have new (and old) faces joining us.

The idea is to send a package to your swap partner giving them a few things that show what you love most about Christmas time. The ideas are endless...anything from your favorite cookies to your favorite recipe to hot chocolate to a pretty ornament. It can be anything that you like and that you would like to share with another person.

Hopefully this package arriving in your mailbox will bring a smile to your face in the middle of a cold Canadian winter and will help you find new blogs to read!

The details:
  • You must have an active blog and be willing to share your package on your blog once you have received it.
  • Must be a Canadian blogger (sorry friends from the States!)
  • Leave a comment telling me (with your email address or ensuring it's linked to your blog) that you are interested in participating
  • Please let us know by Friday October 26, 2012 
  • You will only have to spend $20 before shipping on the package
Once we have the final numbers, we will partner everyone up and send out the information accordingly.

Please let Lindsey or I know if there are any questions. Looking forward to seeing who is interested! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Highlights of the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. We had another great weekend weather wise, but apparently it's going downhill this week. I don't want to say the word out loud, but there is a chance of snow. YUCK!

Highlights of my weekend:

New hair cut on Friday night
Harley & I on our walk on Saturday
Scenes from our walk on Saturday
Delicious pumpkin cookies  

What else? A long run, a CrossFit workout, a couple naps and some time lounging at home. Perfect weekend!

Part one of the news that I mentioned last week is coming up tomorrow. Get excited!

Tell me: how was your weekend?


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