Thursday, October 4, 2012

Calgary & area blogger meet up {part two}

Hi everyone! After the last blogger meet up went so well, I thought it would be fun to organize another meet up before the end of this year. I know that the next couple of month get busy with holiday parties, but hopefully we can find a date that works for everyone.

The lovely girls at the last meet up
A few people weren't able to come to the last meet up, so hopefully we can find a Friday or Saturday that works for everyone, so traffic isn't an issue. I've listed some dates below, so please let me know if you would love to come and what dates work for yourself.

October 12, 13
November 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30
December 1, 7, 8

I will be opening my house again to everyone, unless someone else is dying to have it at theirs. It will be a pot luck style with everyone contributing a dish. I was also thinking it might be fun to a Chinese gift exchange with whoever is wanting to participate (the gift would only have to be $10). I am open to everyone's ideas though!

So, leave a comment letting me know if you would like you to come and what dates work for yourself :)


  1. I'm available. Does this meet up include plane tickets?

  2. Sounds great! Love the Chinese gift exchange idea!! I can't do Nov 30 or Dec 1. But otherwise I am ok for other dates right now but the sooner we decide the better! :)

  3. Such a huge group of girls for this! I'm jealous, but hope it's a huge success!

  4. I can't do Oct 12 or 13th but if it's after that I am in!

  5. I can't do Dec 7/8, but I'm free every other date!

  6. I would love to come, but perhaps not this month as I still haven't had my baby yet lol.

    I'm not going to name any dates, I'll just see what you choose and hope I can make it!

  7. I'm in again! The only dates that don't work are Nov 2/3.
    I think the gift exchange is a great idea too!

  8. I am so in! Any of those dates look like they would work for me! This would be my first blogger meet up (ooooh) and the gift exchange sounds great


  9. I can make any of those dates work. A gift exchange. Hmmm, that might be fun.

  10. Oct 13, Nov 3, Nov 9, Nov 10, Nov 23, Dec 1, and Dec 8, dont work for me, but the other dates doo.

    Looking forward to more information on this! I would love to attend.

  11. I'm away for a lot of November so I might not make this get together :( No worries though- I'll just have to arrange another time to hang out with you!

    I am available Nov 30, December 1 & 7. I like the idea of the gift exchange too.

    Thanks for putting together and offering to host!

  12. I can't wait to meet more ladies from Calgary.

    I can make any date work except for this upcoming weekend (Oct 12-13)



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