Monday, October 22, 2012

Highlights of the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was fantastic minus the weather.

 - a yoga workout on Friday night with my yoga "partner"

- went to see Pitch Perfect on Friday with Nicole. Hilarious movie! I will definitely be watching it again when it comes out on video

- this isn't really a highlight, but a run on Saturday morning with Harley in the snow storm. To describe this run, all I need is two words: IT SUCKED!

- dinner at Without Papers Pizza on Saturday night with Lindsey and Alison and the husbands. Great pizza and great conversations!

- I had a craving for dessert while out for dinner, so we came home and made two bite brownies. Craving satisfied!

- a CrossFit workout on Sunday morning and then another run with Harley. This one was cold, but at least there were no snow flakes going in my eyes. 

- errands ran to Wal-Mart and Costco. The parking lot of Costco was busy, but the store wasn't too bad.

- Fresh baked banana muffins

Tell me: what were the highlights of your weekend?


  1. i made banana muffins this weekend too! (great minds think a like).

    and snow already?! wow!

  2. Looks like a good weekend! Those brownies look awesome! I wish Cruz would just lie there when I workout!! She is quite the opposite!! :)

  3. I have to make those brownies! Maybe later this week once my cupcakes are gone. haha.
    I actually miss running in the snow! Call me crazy but some of my fav runs were on a sunny winter day.

  4. Those brownies look yummy! I may have to get you to send me the recipe.
    I am supposed to go for a run tonight so hopefully the snow stays away until I am done.
    Have a great day!

  5. i love your little yoga partner although he looks pretty relaxed!thanks for the recommendation on pitch perfect now i want to see it!

  6. Harley practicing his zen yoga poses!

    Movie was great! I'm still laughing!

    Glad you had a good dinner. The pizza there is good but I went with a group of friends last year and the server was horrible! She made us feel like the biggest inconvenience ever. Couldn't crack a smile if her life depended on it. We weren't high maintenance or anything but we just took too long to order I guess.

    Good for you for getting 2 runs in this weekend! Yuck!

    And now I want two bite brownies...

  7. What is 2 bite brownies? How do you make them? & I loved Pitch Perfect... It was so good... We laughed the whole entire time!

  8. I would like to know how you make these 2 bite brownies as well!

    That sucks about all the snow! We woke up to snow on Saturday morning as well but it melted right away. It's definitely been cold here lately though so I know it's not far off!

  9. I realllly need to see Pitch Perfect!!

  10. I bet your yoga partner is awesome at downward facing dog!,, bwaahahahahaha

  11. Woo! I want to see that movie so badly!

  12. My highlights were a low key night in on Friday with my someone special :) And then the biggest highlight was the PR at my marathon! And spending quality time with the blogging I visited!



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