Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I got nothing

Oh my, this might be a pretty lame post today. Forgive me okay?

Random thoughts in my brain:
  • I had a great weekend spending time with my mom and Mr.D's family. We went to Edmonton on Saturday and came back on Monday. Our weekend included: Indian food, running, turkey, family and laughing.
  • I took zero pictures this weekend. Terrible blogger I know.
  • Mr.D and Harley came for part of my run with me on Sunday and it was a gorgeous day in the river valley. Running with someone makes the kilometers go by so fast!
  • I bought a new workout long sleeved shirt from Winners that looks exactly like a Lululemon shirt. Best part? It was only $19.99. I think I need more stat.
  • Is anyone else watching Homeland, Dexter or Sons of Anarchy? Love all of them!
  • I had a great run last night with Harley. One of those that make me actually love running. Fingers crossed more of them come around soon!
And because every post needs a picture:

He is so silly!


  1. that picture is too cute for words!! seriously :)

  2. I watch Dexter and SOA but only when they come out on DVD..I know there is big news on SOA so SHhhhhhhh!!!

  3. That is my fav photo from the session! So great. And so Mr.D!!! :) ha
    Glad you had a good weekend. You know I love Jax, I mean SOA...we couldn't get into Home Land. I am addicted to Revenge though, oh my goodness it's good!!

  4. Love that picture of you and Mr. D! I love workout clothes and spend way too much money on them!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend with the family! We were in Edmonton too but Sunday to Tuesday.

  6. I did not take the photos I had planned to on the weekend either!! I am in need of some new work out clothes! I will hafta check the good old winners! Glad you had a great weekend getaway!!

  7. I need workout clothes like I need a hole in the head but might have to check out Winners!

    Nope- don't watch any of those shows. I'm lame and waste all my time on the internet instead!

    Sounds like a great family weekend. Awesome that you had some company on your runs too.

    Such a cute picture of you two! I need some silly pictures.

  8. I really need to catch up on Dexter!!

  9. Good tip on the long sleeve running shirt at Winners, I know where I'm popping into after work today.. I was just debating the lululemon run swiftly long sleeve yesterday but couldn't stomach the price.

    Glad you had a great weekend with family and got to spend time with your mom!

    Oh and I am watching Dexter and I LOVE IT!!!!

  10. LOVE that picture! You guys are so cute!
    I've heard SOA is super good but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Might have to add it to my tv watch list (which is neverending... urg)

  11. Cute picture! I just started watching SOA from the beginning. Onto season 3 now!

  12. That is a cute pic of you two!! I am glad you had a good weekend with your mom! No pictures, though? Shame on you! Just kidding. I am guilty of doing the same thing most of the time!



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