Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MEC Bow River Fall Run 10K {race report}

On Saturday, Mr.D and I ran another 10k race that MEC put on. For $15, it's hard to pass up these races! Granted, you only get a bib with your entrance fee, but it's really all you need. 

We left our house around 8:20am and made it in plenty of time to the race start. We ended up sitting in our car until 5 minutes before the race start because it was freezing outside. I am talking -8C with a windchill of -15C. Oh and LOTS of snow on the ground. While sitting in the car, I was tweeting with Cori to see if she had shown up and not backed out like I wanted too!

Sitting in the car debating whether or not to go home!

Cori and I before the race. Thanks for the picture Cori!

After chatting for a couple of minutes, we were off! They changed the route for this race, which was actually nice. It went out along the river pathways to the Crowchild bridge, then across to the 14th street bridge where you turn around and come back to the start. The first 5km's were the worst because it was straight into the snow and wind. My goal for this race was to not fall and survive. I think I accomplished both. 

I finished the race in 55:19, which I was happy with considering how snowy and icy the pathways were. After the race, we quickly headed home as it was way too cold to stand around. I had to run 16km that day, so when I got home, I quickly changed and grabbed Harley and we ran the last 6km together. 

Overall, another great race put on by MEC. I will definitely be signing up for the ones in the spring!


  1. Great job Leigh! And to do another 6km once you were home?! Too awesome.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Lindsey! Another 6km after! Great job!
    Good for you for actually doing it to! I would have been so tempted to not go : )
    I think I will sign up for the spring one though

  3. Nice work and a really cold day for a run for props to you!!! :)

  4. Burr! Good for you for getting out there despite the crappy conditions. I can't believe you have snow already and that it's so cold. I definitely will not be complaining about our weather!!



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