Monday, November 19, 2012

Highlights of the weekend

Hello Monday! I've got some fun things planned for later in the week and weekend, so let's hope this week goes by quickly.

This weekend, we:
  • took Harley for a run on Friday night. The weather was pretty nice, so it didn't make running in the dark too bad
  • went to CrossFit on Saturday morning. Tough but good workout!

  • Met up with Alison and Jen for lunch on Saturday. Some of us got a little lost on the way to and from the restaurant, but we made it and had a great lunch :)
  • Took Harley with me for my 10km run on Sunday morning. Immediately after we got home, this is what Harley did:

  • worked on a couple DIY projects. I will do a how-to later this week or next
Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. Good weekend!! And lunch as good. I did not get lost so I wonder who did... ;)
    Excited to see you DIYs!!

  2. Ha, I love that photo of Harley sprawled out on the ground. I have wanted to do that after some long runs (and actually did sprawl out on the grass like that after some crappy runs when training for Portland).

    My weekend was great! It was my first free weekend at home in 3 weeks! I ran, went to yoga, had a date night, had a date with my nephews, and got a bunch of things done around my condo!!

  3. oh sleepy puppy! Had a busy weekend, tires swapped, workouts, christmas market, hockey watching and tasty food eating! Plus I got the christmas tree up and finished the methods section on my research proposal!

  4. Chloe was the same way after we ran on Saturday afternoon! It was kind of a crappy run as it was SUPER WINDY but it sure was nice having a tired dog after :) I worked a lot last weekend, Saturday night and Sunday morning so didn't feel like I got a real weekend. But it was still good! Eric and I started watching Sons of Anarchy (which I know you love) and are now OBSESSED! About halfway through season 1, so I watched a lot of that last weekend!



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