Tuesday, November 6, 2012

These are my favourite things: work out edition

I've picked up a few new items lately that I use for working out and have had the chance to use them lately. I thought I'd share a few of them as I know I love hearing about new products/items.

I bought this on Saturday and wore it for the first time on Sunday for my long run of 18km. The weather was just above zero and I wore a tank top under it, and it was perfect for the weather. It would also be great in colder weather as a layering piece to keep you warm.  I really like the thumb holes and the half zip part of it.

Running Room ponytail toque

I was searching for a winter hat that had a spot for your ponytail and this is the perfect one. The link says it`s $29.99, but I paid $24.99 in store for it. I wore it on Sunday for my long run and it didn't move or irritate me at all.

Compression socks
I had never tried compression socks before, but Nicole kindly gave me a pair recently. I've worn them both on a long run and immediately after, and have noticed a difference in my legs. I think I would continue to notice them helping if I were to do longer runs of over 20kms.

Rogue tall socks
Alison kindly bought these for me for my birthday and I love them! They are perfect for CrossFit as they protect your shins when doing Olympic lifts or rope climbs.

Tell me: have you tried any new products for working out lately? If so, what do you recommend?


  1. Love that lulu zip up!! I need some gear for outdoor winter runs which I plan to do more this year. I also love that hat with the pony tail! Glad you like the socks!

  2. have heard a lot about compression socks and i just may have to get them! (i have seen them in some pretty spiffy colors)

  3. I love the ponytail toque too! I just got one last week for the Banff run.
    I just bought a new top from Lulu as well - the Runder Under Long Sleeve. It's probably one of the most comfortable things I own. It's heavier so good on the colder days as a layering piece.
    Did you find you had to get used to running with the socks?

  4. I haven't tried anything yet, but have been tempted to buy a new top for yoga from Lulu... That running hat looks great. I think I bought mine when I was with you girls in Victoria - it's this ugly blue color and I think of it as my condom hat. It's UGLY but it keeps my head warm and has room for a pony tail. :)

  5. Yay! I'm so glad the compression socks are working out! I totally notice a difference after long runs.

    I love my pony tail toque!



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