Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Howdy Thursday! I will take you, but it'd be ten times better if you were Friday. Can you make that happen?! I haven't done a TTT post in a while, but decided to change it up a bit this time. TTT combined with categories. Crazy and original I know. Feel fee to steal the idea ;)

Three books I've read recently:
  1. Baby Proof- Emily Giffin
  2. Love the One You Are With- Emily Giffin
  3. Heart of the Matter- Emily Giffin
* so I've gone a little crazy reading her books. I think I've had my fill for awhile :)
Three shows you must watch:
  1.  Sons of Anarchy {Google search Charlie'll know why I love it then}
  2. Raising Hope {Ma Maw is freakin' hilarious!}
  3. Happy Endings
Three things I'd take if I was stuck on a deserted island:
  1.  A picture of my family since that's more than three people, so they can't all be there
  2. An unlimited supply of Diet Coke
  3. An unlimited supply of tampons
Three races I'd like to run:
  1. the Chicago marathon
  2. the San Francisco women's marathon
  3. any Ironman event
 Three new to me blogs:
  1. Jen at nutcaseinpoint
  2. Jessica at girl walks into a barbell
  3. Solana at cavegirl on the run
Three things I am looking forward to:
  1. my half marathon and the delicious Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich I've earned after it
  2. my trip to Ireland in the spring
  3. the weekend
Three things that REALLY annoy me:
  1. the use of the followings words: prego, preggers, hubby, bestie {if you use those on purpose around me, we will no longer be friends. You've been warned!}
  2. people who are so cocky and high on themselves
  3. the sound of someone eating or chewing while watching tv or while it's quiet in the room
Tell me: what are you three things this Thursday? Anything that really annoys you or what would you take if you were stranded on an deserted island?


  1. You kill me... haha. I will resist the urge here.
    Three shows I must watch - Vampire Diaries, Glee and Dexter.
    Three things I`d bring to a deserted island - my lip gloss, I was going to say my cell but that might be pointless, a book and matches - thinking ahead of the game here ;)
    Three things I am looking forward to - NYC in a few weeks, Christmas and hopefully running again soon!

  2. I love Emily Giffin's books! Right now my coworker is really annoying me with his sniffling - I'm trying so hard to resist handing him a kleenex!

  3. You crack me up. I TOTALLY use those words around you to piss you off. ;) Totally. I'd be excited for Ireland too. I'm gonna steal this idea for today. I had nothing planned. You cool with that bestie? ;) And I use ALL those words and always think of you when I do! PS. You forgot the word moist.

  4. Ha! I've said hubby and hubs on my blog a time or two ...but I've never said them out loud in real life... hopefully that makes up for it? ;)

  5. three shows:
    modern family, top chef, project runway

    three things i'm looking forward to:
    seeing family in December, this cold finally leaving my body, the madness at work calming down (though that won't happen until december)

    three randoms:
    i really like coffee crisp, i'm wearing grey socks, i watched the bachelor canada last night and i wish i could have that time back

  6. I love me a TH Breakfast Sandwich...yum! I'm really excited about your trip to Ireland too!!

  7. hahaha I use the word hubby regularly on twitter/facebook etc. so sorry I'm not sorry :P I don't do it purposely just to annoy YOU though if that helps ;)

    I like this take on three things thursday! I think I'm going to recreate on my blog next week!

    1. I'm a regular user of it as well! Ahh well, have to annoy someone sometimes right?! ;)

  8. Haha love this! Next year you should enter the nike women's marathon lottery with me and we can run it together! Also, soa and happy endings are two of my favorite shows also. You are so rational about what to bring to a deserted island. Smart girl for sure :-)

  9. I want to run the Chicago Marathon too! Thinking of maybe doing it next year! If you ever decide to run the SF one, let me know. You will have a place to stay! :)

  10. you crack me up with your hatred with certain words! stay warm girl

  11. Ooo, I am going to have to do this after my Thanksgiving post series is over!

    Three things that annoy me: people who are always late, people who chew on pen caps, people who don't know how to use semi-colons (I get that it's a confusing form of punctuation, but just don't use if it you don't know how it works!!)

  12. Oh, and that comment about the semi-colon was NOT directed at you... It's just my general thought on it and reaction when I see it used incorrectly!

  13. Sorry-- turns out I say a few words that annoy you! I always refer to J as Hubby on my blog although I never call him that anywhere else. I also love the term preggo. Preggers is weird though.

    Just so you know I will probably continue to use those words but it isn't to annoy you I promise!



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