Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An open letter or two

You can find some of my other open letters here.

Dear Christmas: how the heck are you only 6 days away?! I swear it was just the summer and now suddenly it's the end of December. I wish Christmas was as exciting as when we were kids. Nothing beat staying up late and getting up at 6am to sneak downstairs to look at what we got.

Dear man in Superstore: thank you so much for walking by while I was struggling to get a box of cereal from the back of the top shelf. I really, really appreciate your offer to help considering you were much taller than me. Oh wait, you were a jerk and didn't bother to ask. But don't worry, this shorty figured out that if she used her roll of wrapping paper, she could in fact get the cereal. 

Dear woman in Superstore: as I was struggling to pack my groceries up quickly, you insisted on rolling your cart forward into my hip time and time again. It was wonderful for you to do made me want to move even faster to get out of your way. {worst experience last night if you couldn't tell!}

Dear running: I haven't shown you much love or time in the past couple of weeks, but I think I am slowly starting to fall in love with you again. I have had a couple great runs lately that have left me feeling fabulous after each one. If the weather cooperates, I think a running comeback is in the cards!

Tell me: anything you'd like to direct an open letter to today?


  1. haha I love your letters. I do find superstore shoppers to be quite jerks, except you and me of course. :( I have to go tonight. Wish me luck. And I have NO IDEA how it's Christmas already!!! :)

  2. It seems crazy to me that Christmas is less than a week away! I am ready and all, aside from a bit of wrapping left.

    Don't people know it is supposed to be a joyous time of the year? It seems like everyone is just miserable though - stupid jerks in the grocery store!

  3. Dear Seattle Drivers: It is only an eight of an inch of snow, no reason to suck at driving! Ed

    Thank you for the inspiration..I feel so much better getting that out there...

  4. Superstore customers really are the worst. So oblivious and in their own selfish world. I hope you told the lady hitting you with her cart to bugger off!

    I have no idea how its Christmas time. Someone stole a month or two from my calendar for sure.

    Sorry I don't think the weather is going to cooperate for you- supposed to be a low of -20 this weekend. Yikes!

  5. That's terrible about the Superstore a-holes!.. I've got a good one… a legit good one… I was at Ikea a couple weeks back and was loading two large boxed chairs by myself into the back of our truck… I could manage but it was rather awkward… and well they were heavy… While I was manning one of the boxes up a man came over and helped me get it up into the truck!.. it was so heartwarming! I didn't ask at all - he just came over to help! I feel like we don't see much of that in Calgary at all… I've sorta made a conscious decision to do intentional good deeds for others in hopes that they'll pay it forward… sort of a little good deed pay it forward revolution… :)

  6. People this time of year seen to get more rude! I can't believe she was hitting your with her cart. Glad you are falling back in love with running! :)

  7. I cannot BELIEVE Christmas is right around the corner!!

  8. Dear work, I love you but I'm SO READY to have a break from you for 10 days!

    Dear Christmas, I'm actually excited for you this year! It'll be our first Christmas in our own house and we are hosting my in-laws and niece and nephew which should be really fun!

  9. That is terrible about the rudeness you encountered at the store!

    Dear body: We can't be getting sick around Christmas. This is a time to enjoy, not a time to spend feeling like crud. Pull yourself together.

    Dear work: I need a break from you really badly. Thank goodness a couple of days off around Christmas will give me that break.



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