Thursday, December 27, 2012

Highlights of 2012 {part one}

I know everyone says it, but this year seriously flew by! I feel like it was just Christmas last year and suddenly here we are less than a week until Christmas. Craziness. Instead of telling you all of the things I did this past year, why not recap it with pictures?

December/January: we took a trip to the Dominican Republic with my family. Nothing beats sun and sand!

February: nothing much exciting happened this month. We had some sunny days and I spent the month trying new recipes and not eating out.  You can find some of the recipes we tried here, here, here and here.

March: nothing much exciting happened this month either. Cruz came over for a sleep over and I ran my first 5 mile race.

April: I am starting to think we don't lead an exciting life or I just don't take my pictures. Harley had another sleep over, but with his other girlfriend Gia and we hung out with Alison and Justin.


May: I ran the Scotiabank half marathon and PR'd! My cousin also came for a visit and we had our pictures taken by the talented Whitney.
June: I ran the Footstock half marathon in the pouring rain and we attempted to go camping in Fernie with friends.

Tell me: how was the first part of 2012 for you? Any memorable highlights?


  1. I don't think you live a boring life at all!! You seem to always have something on the go! Looks like you accomplished a lot in the first half of the year!!

  2. This year is a total blur for me, too. I think I would have a hard time coming up with monthly highlights!

    Harley sure is popular! ;)

    It does not seem like a year ago that you went on your beach vacation! This year went by crazy fast!!

  3. I think camping in the puddle was the most fun. We should totally do that again. ;) ha. The DR pics makes me want the beach!!



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