Monday, December 3, 2012

Highlights of the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was super snowy here...I think we got 5cm yesterday alone! Yuck. Hoping that it stops soon and the warmer weather comes back soon.

Another weekend recap in pictures:

  1.  I ran the Santa Shuffle 5k on Saturday. I ended up running it with Nicole and had a great time! (thank you for letting me join you and Penny, Nicole!) They gave you a medal AND a Lindt advent calendar. Totally worth the $25
  2. My co-workers and I who also ran it
  3. Us again
  1.  Our front yard
  2. The tree in our front yard totally snow covered
  3. Me bundled up for a walk with Harley. This is how we survive the winter in Canada :)
  1. We set up our Christmas decorations this weekend
  2. Mr. Harley and our tree 
Another highlight of my weekend that I didn't take a picture of? Absolutely killing my 1RM (rep max) of deadlifts at CrossFit yesterday. My previous PR was 175lbs and I managed to increase it to 200lbs!! So stoked about this. My next goal? Deadlift double my body weight. One day.

Tell me: how was your weekend? 


  1. I totally saw that race go by on saturday as I was coming down 14th onto the ramp onto memorial drive. also you guys seem to have way more snow up in the nw than we do down town!

  2. Oh my do you handle all of that snow?!

  3. i can't believe that weather! so different from here...should be at least 71 (F)! you look great though, and so do your decorations! i just LOVE Christmas time! XO

  4. I love how warm you look all bundled up! And I'm loving all the snow!!!!

  5. Hey any time you want to run with me you are more than welcome! I am definitely glad you decided to run with us because I needed all the support I could get! That weather sucked! Sooo worth the $25 though!

    You look so cute bundled up for the walk! I love your jacket! So Canadian!

    Love your tree! Look at Harley posing in front of it! Santa's going to bring him whatever he wants I'm sure!

  6. Oh and great job on your new 1RM PR!! I won't be fighting with you anytime soon-- you will kick my butt! :)

  7. Brrrr....
    Glad you had fun at the race!

  8. you're a crossfit rockstar!!!

    and i can't imagine how cold it must be up in canada! i was in disneyland this weekend and got to talking to a couple from Alberta...they were loving the SoCal weather!!

  9. Burr... I can't believe how much snow you all have been getting. We have none and I am ok with it staying that way until December 23rd. :) As long as it doesn't storm on my drive to and from the cabin, I would like snow around Christmas. But if it messes with my drive - forget it!!

  10. "this is how we survive the winter in Canada" - speak for yourself, it was 11 C today with beautiful sunshiney skies and I'm about to go running in capri's and a long sleeve! I cannot believe how mild of a winter we're having in southern BC when everywhere else is getting their typical winter. I texted my mom a picture of our sunshiney day and she texted me back with one of the snow covered streets in FSJ!

  11. Harley looks so cute sitting politely next to the tree! Our fall/winter has been pretty mild so far.



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