Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's get sweaty

 A couple things first....did anyone watch the finale of Homeland and Dexter? Gah, didn't see that coming in Homeland! Same with the truth about Deb's accident. Sad that both of the shows are over for now. Second, how the heck is Christmas in a week?! Third, I will not be partaking in the blogger day of silence for the victims of the shooting in CT. I can understand wanting to show respect for the victims, but doing a post telling others not to blog does not solve the issue or help the victims. Why not donate instead? I realize others may not feel this way, but it's my blog and that's that.


I haven't talked much lately about the workouts that I've been doing, so I thought I would do a post with a few that I've done recently. I will warn you it involves lots of CrossFit as I have barely been running.

We did this one on Saturday and it was deceivingly hard! I definitely didn't use 110lbs for the push jerk (I used 65lbs) and a purple band for the pull ups. I finished in 11:43.

 I had never had a run in with Madi before, and she is killer! I think the worst part was going from the back extensions to the squats. My lower back was screaming at me and did not want to move at all. I finished in 25:42.

This was another hard workout! I personally hate rowing, but make myself go to be better at it.  I used 65lbs for the OHS and finished in 13:59 (minus the 9 minutes of rest). 

Tell me: how have your workouts been lately? Anything good that you'd like to share? And don't tell me about your workouts between the sheets either ;)


  1. Madi sounds like a b#$ch! :) I agree with the day of silence thing but at the same time what is donating going to do? Money can't bring these kids back or change what happened. I think changes need to be made in other ways.

  2. Ah I didn't read your first paragraph because I saw mention of Dexter and I'm not caught up yet ;) haha. We're still three episodes behind actually! I haven't really been enjoying it as much this season as in the past.

    Those are awesome workouts - Madi sounds crazy! I have had a MAJOR itch to go back to crossfit lately...

  3. OMG, Madi sounds really hard!! so impressed. I've been laying low because I was sick for the past week. I've been doing some hot yoga and running when I feel good and of course strength training at home 2-3 days a week. Usually I do some kind of circuit a la the fitnessista, a former Best Body Bootcamp workout or my own workout.

  4. I don't watch those shows so can't comment.
    I didn't realize there was a blogger day of silence. It's such a tragedy and I agree that not posting for a day won't change anything. I'm not sure what the answer is but something needs to be done.

    Those are some crazy workouts! Great action shot! I've just been running lots- the usual.

  5. Holy smokes those are some intense workouts! You look crazy tough with all that weight in that first picture! Wow! I am impressed!

    Lately I have been doing short 4 mile runs on the treadmill and going to a couple of classes a week at a gym where I have a groupon for a 30 day membership. I've done circuit training and a muscle class, and both kick my ass!



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