Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A little late weekend recap

Happy Tuesday everyone! My mom flew into town this weekend and left yesterday morning, so I wasn't around my computer much at all this weekend. It was a quick visit, but it was great seeing her :)

Highlights of our weekend:
  • a CrossFit class together on Saturday morning
  • shopping at Cross Iron Mills in the afternoon and finding some great deals ($2 for a really cute dress!)
  • watched Django Unchained and This is 40 (don't watch this one! So, so bad)
  • a neat view of the Calgary Tower on our walk back to the car
  •  hanging out and people watching at the Devonian Gardens

Overall, a low key but great weekend! Thanks for visiting Mom!


  1. What?! This is 40 is seriously my favortie movie in a long time! It was hilarous!
    A $2 dress? Nice job! I never find deals that good.

  2. Haha, I really liked This is 40 too.

    Devonian Gardens is an awesome place to people watch. Plus to you get to be surrounded by some beautiful plants even though it's cold and snowy outside.

  3. SO glad you had a good visit!! Short is always better than no visit! I warned you about This is 40!! Horrible. Justin really liked Django. $2 dress!! I wanna see!!

  4. Aww so fun you got to spend some time with your mom!!!

  5. I enjoyed Django Unchained - though I had to cover my eyes and turn my head a few times (especially the dog scene).

    I haven't seen the re-vamped Devonian Gardens...I don't think I've been since I was a teenager.

  6. That is very cool your mom went to crossfit with you! I wish my parents were active and would try stuff like that with me! Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

  7. A $2 dress?? Did you steal it? Did you get it in the baby section?? Seriously you always find the best deals! I demand a picture!

    And now I know why you have such awesome hair-- your mom has gorgeous hair! So envious! You two look so alike also!

    I'm going to have to check out the Devonian Gardens-- haven't been since before they closed down and they look great in your pictures.

    Glad you had a good time.

  8. I love that reflection shot! Especially since it's the building I work in, I think.

  9. Omg, I totally agree that This is 40 was a bad movie. It just went on and on. Ugh. I would like to see DU sometime! :)

  10. I had a great time in Calgary visiting two of my favourite people and one dog (Harley)who I love too. Had a great time... crossfit was fun - still can't do a pistol. Thanks for a great weekend - love you both.

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend with your mom! I am glad she was able to come visit. There is nothing better than time with your mom!!

    My weekend was pretty low key, which is just what I need these days!



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