Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas holidays 2012: NYC {part one}

On Christmas day, Mr.D and I flew out to NYC. We are lucky enough to have his brother, our SIL and two nieces living there for a year, so we had a place to stay. We hadn't seen them since the end of June, plus we hadn't met our new niece yet, so we were excited to see them. Mr.D and I decided not to plan anything ahead of time, rather just go with the flow and spend time with our family. It worked out perfectly.

In the five days that we were in NYC, we managed to do a lot of stuff and eat lots of food! Mr.D's brother lives a couple blocks from Central Park, so it was easy to walk places or hop the subway if needed. I have a terrible sense of direction, so luckily Mr.D was there to navigate us around. 

I don't want to make this post too long, so I think I will break it up into two posts divided by the different days and the different things we saw and ate.

Day One
Outside of the MET
  • walked through Central Park
  • went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can pay whatever you want to enter, but they do provide 'recommended' entrance fees. We spent about an hour wandering around looking at the different exhibits
  • walked through the Columbus Circle shopping centre
Day Two 
Radio City music hall

Rockefeller plaza

Myself in Grand Central Station

Mr.D & I in Times Square

Times Square
  • walked down 5th Avenue to look at all of the high end stores
  • went to Times Square and was amazed at how many people were there!
  • went to Rockefeller Plaza
  • went to Grand Central Station- such a neat thing to see!
Day Three

It was my niece's 3rd birthday, so we had a special day for her. We:

Birthday girl and her special treat
View of the buildings from the park

Mr.D and M

M and myself at Starbucks
  • went to Sugar & Plumm for lunch
  • tried to go skating in Central Park, but the line up was super long, so we went to the park to scoot on her new scooter and play on the slides
  • stopped at Starbucks for hot chocolate to warm up after the park
  • after the park, went back to their apartment for a special dinner and birthday cake
To be continued tomorrow...


  1. I'd love to go to NYC one day. Looks like you got to see lots of stuff!

  2. Your niece is adorable!! I am soo jealous that you were in NYC!!

  3. Love NYC, went for my 21st birthday, would love to go back some time soon. Very cute pictures with your niece. Glad to hear you had a great holiday, all the best in 2013!

  4. Sounds like a vacation packed with fun stuff already! I love the look on your niece's face in that picture :)

  5. Sounds awesome already!! I want to go! I love that you had a special day with M for her birthday! So fun!!

  6. Ahhh, this looks like so much fun! I am glad you were able to help your niece celebrate her bday. I bet she felt extra special having you and Mr. D there! We need pictures of the new baby, too! :)

  7. Wow five days in NYC? That's awesome! Sounds like you had a ton of fun packed into those days! happy new year!

  8. A comment totally unrelated to New York, and totally related to your tweet about setting up blogger for spam.

    I set mine so anyone can comment.
    I set comment moderation to sometimes, and set it to older than 3 days. That catches most of the crap that the spammers send to old posts. You still have to moderate, but that's pretty quick. I don't know if blogger is smart enough to learn from your decisions about what is spam or not.
    Disqus had a setting where you could moderate anything that had a link, or came from anonymous. Blogger doesn't seem to have that, but all anonymous goes to my spam folder.
    I've had two spams show up as published, and then blogger smartened up and filtered it out.

  9. So much fun!! M is sooo sweet. I love her little glasses. Looks like there is a lot to do there!



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