Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas holidays 2012: NYC {part two}

You can find part one here

Day four

The weather was definitely not cooperating with us this day, so we spent the morning doing some shopping on 34th Street. For lunch, we went to the famous Carnegie Deli for lunch. Just wait until you see the size of the sandwich that Mr.D had! We got there around 1:30pm and there was a line up down the street. We decided to brave the rain and wait in line, and it was worth it!

That's a SERIOUS sandwich
Day five

The sun decided to come out, so we decided to squeeze in as many sights as we could. We saw:
  • the NYC public library
  • the financial district
  • the Brooklyn bridge

The NYC library

The very, very crowded Brooklyn bridge

After the day of exploring and sight seeing, we headed back to the apartment to get ready for dinner.  We went to a restaurant called Dinosaur bar-b-que after my BIL had heard good things about it. It definitely did not disappoint! Mr.D and I split a meal called the sweetheart deal, which was a full rack of ribs with four sides for $29.99. It was so delicious.

The cool view across the street from the restaurant

Day six

On our final day, we had the morning to do some last minute exploring before our late afternoon flight. We took a final walk down to Times Square, Central Park and Grand Central Station. This day was New Years Eve and it was crazy to see people lined up in Times Square at 9:30am for the ball drop already. I couldn't imagine sitting there for that long!

Overall, we had a great trip to NYC. The weather wasn't the greatest while we were there, but we still had fun sight seeing, shopping and spending time with our family. I had so much fun hanging out with my niece and can't wait for them to move home.

Mr.D, myself and M

Miss E


  1. Glad you guys had fun! That sandwich is insane. Too bad the weather was not better. We lucked out with above average temps which was nice with all the walking we did.

  2. Holy goodness that sandwich is massive!!! I bet the city is beautiful a night during Christmas!!

    Glad you had a great trip!! You are right it's not that far away - we might just have to do it, but I think it would be a summer vacay - I hate the cold!

  3. I'm glad you guys had a good trip :) We got caught in the rain/snow on Saturday too so I was happy that the weather on Sunday was much nicer!

  4. Dinosaur Bar-b-que one of my favorite places! Yummy. Have not been there in awhile but now I am feeling a road trip coming on.Glad you had a good trip to NYC.

  5. Sounds like a great trip! We hope to go back when the weather is better, it was quite cold for us too

  6. now THAT is a sandwich! haha :) glad you had such a great holiday! happy weekend friend! XO

  7. That sandwich is HUGE! How is a person even supposed to eat that!?

  8. E is so happy! What are your nieces' names?

    That is a monster sandwich! Is it a rueben? Bet Mr. D ate it all!

    I soooo want to go now!

  9. I totally missed that you guys were going to NYC for Christmas holidays! How exciting! Glad you had a great time. It's definitely on my 'must-visit' list of places!

  10. Fun! Looks like a great trip. That is too bad the weather wasn't better for you. Both nieces are so cute - thanks for including a baby photo in this post. :) And wow, that sandwich is ENORMOUS. You should have taken a picture of how much D wasn't able to eat (or did he clean his plate???)

  11. Jesus! That sandwich is massive!! There is enough nest for 4! Wow looks fun! Your nieces are beautiful. So glad you had a good time.

  12. I would have loved a picture of D taking a bite out of that sandwich...

    Sounds like a fabulous vacation.

  13. That sandwich is ridic. So...did he finish it? heh



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