Friday, January 11, 2013

{happy friday}

Well Friday is finally here and I couldn't be happier! So ready for the weekend. We got hit with a big snowstorm starting on Wednesday night that left us with 20cm of new snow and cold weather. Ah, I love Canada. Fingers crossed we don't get another big dump of snow anytime soon.

Random thoughts for your Friday:

  • going to get my hair cut tomorrow, and I can't wait! It's long overdue for a cut
  • I just finished reading a book called the The Peach Keeper and loved it! I definitely recommend it
  • we have plans to go to a friend's house tomorrow night for a murder mystery dinner. I have never done anything like it, so it should be fun
  • I am really wanting to sit on the couch with the fire on and catch up on all of our shows tonight. I think that sounds like a mighty fine Friday night
  • The active side of me did a 20 minute HIIT workout last night that Jen sent to me last night, and it kicked my butt!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your Friday sounds just perfect. I am headed out for a "light" happy hour after work and then it's sushi for dinner on the couch. perfect haha

  2. I've been to a murder mystery dinner at a restaurant and it was so much fun :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I remember my dad hosting a murder mystery dinner when I was a kid...but I've never been to one. Do you have to wear a costume?

  4. Oooh let me know how the murder mystery party goes! Eric and I really want to host one but haven't taken the time to plan one out yet. Maybe this year we finally will.

  5. I love murder mystery parties!!! So fun! :) I plan on doing a lot of sitting on the couch watching shows and movies - brrrrr. I REALLY need to get back into reading..I just can't focus!

  6. I remember when my parents used to do Murder Mystery parties. I didn't know they still existed... but I bet it's going to be really fun!

    Have a great weekend, Leigh!

  7. I can't believe the snow!!! Well I can.... But I don't want to, but please keep it in that direction!! I am enjoying our mild melt the snow weather of +11, I know it won't last! I just started ready a book - but I'm not a big reader! Have fun at the party!!

  8. I've never done a HIIT workout before. Always wanted to try one. It would probably kill me!

    I hope we don't get anymore snow this winter!

    I don't think ive done a murder mystery dinner before either bit they sounds like a lot of fun! Let me know how t goes.

  9. that book sounds good I need to add it to my queue! I have never done a dinner like that either it sounds fun though!!

  10. I hate snow so I hope you don't get another dump either. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Sounds fun!

  11. I love haircuts! I hope yours went well! I always feel a little bit like a new person after a good haircut!

  12. I won The Peach Keeper from a blog giveaway and have yet to read it! I will have to check it out in 2013! Sounds like you had a fun weekend planned out. You should post a photo of your haircut!

    My weekend was ok. I saw Phil Fri and Sat night and that was fun. I had a baby shower on Sat morning and a lunch with girlfriend on Sun. So some fun things, but it was sort of hectic with CFA studying as I just felt so rushed. Like on Saturday I got home from the baby shower, immediately started studying, then immediately left for church, then got home and started making dinner for Phil and I so there just was not much downtime... But next weekend should be more low key.



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