Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm blank because...

I was thinking and thinking about something to post about today, so I turned to Pinterest for some ideas. I found this post idea {found here} and thought I'd run with it.

I'm grumpy because...
It's currently snowing outside (well it was last night when I wrote this post)
It's still not Friday
I finished a great book last night and I didn't want it to end

I'm weird because...
I can't stand a cupboard being left open
I also can't stand clutter around the house
I used to never finish a whole can of pop
I love routines and struggle to deviate from them
I think farts and poop are hilarious
I can never leave dishes in the sink
I can never leave for a weekend away or holiday without cleaning up the house first

I'm currently...
Looking forward to a weekend with zero plans
On the hunt for a new book to read
Sitting in my pjs on the couch typing up this post
Excited for the summer and the travel plans that we have
Nervous and excited to run my first marathon
Struggling with my weight and how I feel about myself

I can't stand...
People who complain about something, but do nothing to change it
Driving in the snow
Girls who constantly call themselves fat when they are not fat
People who are never on time
The smell or taste of tuna
Join in on any of the ones above or make up your own :)


  1. Where are you going this summer?! I hear you about the weight issue, I am struggling there too. I am the highest weight I have been in 3 years. Yuck.

  2. Question - just canned tuna or all tuna?

    I'm grumpy because...I seem to be tired all the time even though I think I'm sleeping enough

    I'm weird because...i like to put jelly in grilled cheese sandwiches.

    I'm currently...hoping this wind doesn't bring a house from another dimension.

    I can't stand...when people are purposely rude to service staff.

  3. I LOVE the first photo of you! Beautiful girl you are miss. We are a lot alike, we knew this though. I went through this saying me too to a lot!! :) What is the date of the marathon again? I need to get my sign ready!

  4. Have you read Left Neglected by Lisa Genova? I really liked it. Also The Help was a great read.

  5. I like this post! Great pictures too- some oldies? Your hair was soo long in that first picture- a funky colour too!

    Apparently we are weird for almost the same reasons except I have learned to deal with a few dishes in the sink or else I will be washing things constantly.

    You are going to rock your marathon! I'm glad it's you and not me though! I'm also dealing with body image issues. I'm hoping Jillian Michaels can help me with that.

    I never knew you hated tuna!

  6. Speaking of people who complain about stuff but don't do anything...I brought in cookies for the guys in the office this week. The one that complains about his weight the most ate NINE of them. haha. That's ok though. Better on his hips than mine. :-)

  7. A marathon is on the books for you? How exciting!! Which one are you running??

    I will have to do this post next week sometime!! Hope you enjoy your plan-free weekend!!

  8. You look amazing to me! I wish I was in my pjs!!



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