Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random thoughts for a Tuesday

My brain just wasn't working when I trying to come up with something to post about today, so you are getting a bunch of my random thoughts. You can thank me now :)

{one} Is winter over yet? I know it hasn't been that bad so far this year, but I am sick of the cold, snowy and dark nights. I am ready to have the windows and blinds open not just on the weekend.

{two} So excited that Shameless started again last night! Love this show. If you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

{three} Go to Lindsey's blog and tell her that she should run the MEC hot chocolate 5/10km in two weeks. And make sure to tell her that I will run it with her :)Plus it's only $15.

{four} I can't handle the overuse of exclamation marks and smiley faces in tweets or posts. I got the point with the first exclamation mark and smiley face.

{five} I wish that companies would stop giving all of the free products to the "big" bloggers and instead gave it to the smaller bloggers. Maybe that's just me being whiney, but after seeing all of the posts with the Old Navy workout gear, I won't be buying it. Okay, I'll stop whining now.

Let me hear your random thoughts for this fine Tuesday!


  1. Regarding point 5: My biggest beef about the Old Navy gear was that NOT ONE of the reviews I read was helpful. I want to know how it washes and wears and how it lasts. THAT is why I don't by cheap workout wear - because it doesn't last. Not because it isn't cute. So I think they should all do a follow up in a few months where they tell us if it is pilling or if it has become see-through, or if when they put it in the dryer, it did something weird. Maybe they'll do it - but I'm guessing no.

    I think they all belong to the same advertising network though - and that's why they all got it. So I think it is less about the company doing research and seeking out people to look at their products, and more about the marketing department working with an ad network who then blasts the offer out to their people.

    My random thought: ermagerd...I just want the Oprah/Lance interview to be over already so that I don't have to hear about it. !!!!! :( :( :( !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree. I want sunlight. Every day all day. haha
    I want to run it... I have to decide now. Eeek. I am so lame at running right now though! I agree about the big bloggers comment, I have had some companies reach out to me and always thank them many times. My thing too is that they big bloggers get SO much, so its overload sometimes and I do not read review type posts but from blogs that have them less I will read them.

  3. haha i love all of these and agree! XOXO

  4. Hi, I'm Danielle and I am exclamation mark addict. My friends make fun of me for it, every text I send has a million! <--Did I really need one there? Haha I promise I'll work on it

  5. I SO agree with numbers 1 and 5. Just because I don't have hundreds of thousands of views a day, I reach a pretty good audience too. There's no reason why my blog wouldn't e a good enough spot to advertise a product as a big blog...

  6. I am so ready for spring too! :) I hate/cannot run with the snow and ice. Shameless...must look for this...
    I have no seen any Old Navy workout posts!! How have I missed this..I do like the ON workout gear!!

  7. I actually like the Old Navy workout gear and had purchased it before as a student when I couldn't afford the expensive stuff. Their running shorts and sports bras do fit great and have lasted me at least 2 years. That being said, I agree some small time bloggers should get more recognition. I am easily influenced and it is shameful haha

  8. I will admit I may use too many exclamation marks - I prefer them over boring periods. I haven't seen any old navy posts but I hear ya! I wear the old SVU active wear and love it- clearly I should do a give away as well!

    I am definitely ready or Spring as well!!

  9. See I think this has been a pretty hard winter so far! It started early and hasn't let up much. I'm definitely ready for spring but know not to get my hopes up.

    Oh I forgot about the MEC races! I'm definitely going to sign up for some. Not this upcoming one though.

    Whatever are you talking about???!!!!! :) :) :)

    What? ON is giving out free workout gear? Unfair!!!! It's probably bc they will get more advertising if they hit up the big blogs. I certainly don't have enough readers for them to consider me! Oh well- I would prefer Lululemon to contact me anyway!!!

  10. A hot chocolate run? Sign me up! I'm so over winter. It sucks. And I've got to see Shameless.

  11. I wish winter was over, too. Burr. We have not had as tough of a winter as you guys have as ours started later and we've had less snow, but it's still getting old. We are in the midst of a cold snap and I am just OVER bundling up!

  12. i can't complain about winter, because you & i both know our winters are VERY different...and that would be cruel. totally agree on the giveaways/promos! how do these bloggers get hooked up with the killer gear? i. want. some. lastly, can't believe your hot chocolate run is only $15! the one we just had here was $45, but you did get a pretty hoodie instead of the basic t, so i guess that is most of the cost? hope you're well! XO



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