Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Run for L'Arche: training plan

You can find my first post about blogging about my training for the Run for L'Arche here.

The weeks are slowly starting to tick by and it's almost that time again. What time? Training time! It has been awhile since I've been training for a particular race, so I am excited to get back into it. Today, I am going to be talking about the training plan that I will be using. 

This half marathon will be my seventh one, so I have been able to figure out what kind of training plan works for myself. I personally find that running three days a week, CrossFit the other days, and then one day of rest is perfect. I have used plans that had me running four to five days per week, and I was burnt out by the end of it. But it is important to figure out what works for yourself. 

My plan is also one that I made for myself combining a couple other plans and it brought me a PR last year.  I wouldn't recommend doing this for your first half marathon as there are some fantastic plans out there such as those from -Hal Higdon or Runner's World.

Here is my plan:

**edited to add: Nicole kindly pointed out to me that the race is on Saturday (silly me!), so I've corrected my training plan. Thanks Nicole!

If you haven't signed up for the race yet, there is still lots of time. Early bird pricing ends on January 15, 2013. Go here to register!

Training officially starts next week for me, so if you see me out on the pathways, say hi :)


  1. I wish I could sign up but we do not have our AZ trip finalized yet and its March sometime... :(

  2. I sooo want to do a 1/2 marathon....I'm going to look into it.

  3. I think your plan looks awesome and it's great that you're still fitting in 3 days of crossfit a week!

  4. Great plan! You train in miles? Traitor ;)

  5. Oh and the race is on a Saturday not a Sunday ;)

  6. Awesome plan! I'm still having a hard time if/when I want to do a spring marathon, and if I want to do NYCM this year or next... I have THREE weddings during marathon training that we have to travel for, so it would mean that I'd really need to commit to those super long runs.

  7. I prefer running 3 days a week as well, and each run tends to have a purpose (speed, intervals, tempo, hills, etc). I will sometimes throw a 4th recovery type run in but that's about it, and then I try to bike 1-2 days a week and I usually take 1-2 rest days. I just signed up for a 10 mile race so am training for that now.



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