Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Run for L'Arche: training week two

The second week of training is done and it was good week. The weather cooperated and I had some good workouts. I have a feeling this training cycle is going to go by quickly!

Monday 1/21
  • 5km walk with Harley
Tuesday 1/22
  • 5.4km run {5:42/km pace} with Harley
Wednesday 1/23
  • CrossFit class
Thursday 1/24
  • 5.4km run {5:22/km pace} at lunch time
  • 4km walk with Harley
Friday 1/25
  • rest as we were traveling right after I finished work
Saturday 1/26
  • 11km run {5:34/km pace} with Harley
  • 3km walk with Harley
Sunday 1/27
  • rest day
Running: 19.8kms
Walking: 12kms

Overall, not a bad week for me workout wise considering I took two rest days. I normally only take one, but it was hard to fit workouts in when we were out of town and busy with family stuff.

Tell me: how was your week of workouts?


  1. Great job! Like I said before you fit in a lot of walks with Harley - lucky pup! My week of workouts was good last week. The next three weeks are really busy and already shaping up to be not as good though.

  2. Good job! I'm so impressed you got that 11K run in while away! I guess it does help that you have a dog that needs exercise!

    You don't find you get too sweaty after a lunch time run?

  3. Last week was so so. It's been so dang cold here lately so all of my runs have been outdoors, except a run on Monday when the temps hit 0C. I am impressed at how good you are at fitting work outs in!



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