Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend highlights

After being so busy and on the go over Christmas, having a quiet and doing nothing type of weekend was perfect. Plus I haven't been feeling so hot for the past couple of days, so it was nice to sleep in and not have to do anything. 

Oh, and I've decided to moderate my comments for the next little while....I was getting so many ridiculous spam comments lately, so just trying to get rid of them. I promise I'll approve your comments as long as you aren't a spam-bot :)

A hard WOD on Saturday. I can't do knees to bar (it's exactly how it sounds), so did knees to elbow instead. Used 135lbs for the deadlifts 

1. Harley basking in the wonderful sunshine
2. I made cookies that a student had given Mr.D for Christmas
3. Also baked banana muffins using this recipe
1. Harley and I went for a sunny walk on Saturday
2. Some of my purchases on Saturday. There were some pretty good deals!
3. Harley begging me to throw his ball while I read on the couch

 Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. We had a quite weekend too, really the next 7 weeks is quite for us! Hoping the weather stays nice for outdoor runs and skiing!

  2. I love those weekend. Hope you are feeling better!! You need to model your purchases! :) We need a shopping date - in Feb - I am on a spending freeze this month!

  3. I like that you said did nothing, but really you worked out, baked up a storm and went shopping! That's not nothing!! You are always on the go!

  4. I had exactly the kind of weekend I needed too after the holidays! It was busy but we got our house organized and our fridge and cupboards restocked again which was SO good and so needed! My grandparents were visiting and staying with my brother so I got to visit with them quite a bit too. I also took Chloe on a big, snowy hike on Saturday and she came with me on my long run Sunday so I had a tired dog all weekend! Aka, best thing ever :)

  5. Jarrett had some interesting spam comments too- one was titled Holy Crotch!

    Do I spot polka dots amongst your purchases? I love polka dots!! Don't tell me about any deals! Tell me everything is marked up and really expensive!

    Now that is a great teacher gift- something you can consume!

    Harley is so handsome!

  6. I have been getting lots of spam comments lately too! So annoying!! I marked them as spam in blogger, but they still get through to my email. Stupid!

    Anyways, I had a great weekend! It was a good mix of fun and being productive! Phil and I went to a movie on Friday night and watched the Vikings game on Saturday. I got lots of studying done, made turkey taco chili and potato soup, and got some reading and running in! I hope you are feelign better!

  7. mmm, now i want a muffin. can you send me one?! siiike. i just need to make some ;)

    XO from chrissi & your buddy max!

  8. Looks like a nice weekend! Sometimes the relaxing ones are the best, especially when you know you have busy times coming up again soon! Hope you're feeling better.

    Sorry to hear about the spam, too. I go through periods of getting tons of spam and then's bizarre.



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