Thursday, February 28, 2013

He said, she said

I saw this fun post idea on Caroline's blog yesterday and thought I would borrow the idea, but put my own spin on it. I borrowed some of the questions from Caroline's post, but also threw in a couple of my own and had myself and Mr.D answer them.

{one} How long have we been married?
L: 2 years and six months
B: 2.5 years

{two} When and where did we meet?
L: February 2007 and in Cancun, Mexico
B: Mexico in 2007

{three} What is his worst habit?
L: asking me where something is before he looks or just takes a quick look
B: leaving a mess

{four} Where was our first kiss?
L: No idea where exactly, but in Cancun
B: Senior Frogs

{five} Who said I love you first?
L: Mr.D by accident
B: me

{six} If you were going to order us drinks, what would you get us?
L: vodka seven for me and a beer (traditional) for him
B: vodka seven for her and a beer for me

{seven} What was the worst meal we ever made?
L: It's a tie between the tofu and the lemon/wine stir fry
B: tofu

{eight} What is your favourite thing about her?
L: sense of humour
B: her eyes

{nine} What is his favourite movie?
L: 300
B: 300

{ten} What is his dream job?
L: stuntman
B: stuntman

{eleven} What is her biggest pet peeve?
L: slow drivers in the fast lane or late people
B: messes or barking dogs

Well, we missed a few, but it was still fun to hear what Mr.D came up with :)


  1. By accident? How do you say I love you by accident? ;) I loved this. I saw Caroline's too and thought perfect a post idea!! So I am stealing yours.

  2. This is cute and reminds me of a game we played in Jamaica.. M and I failed miserably!! Hard to believe we have been together for 11 years and got almost every question wrong! M says the questions were slightly changed.. I blamed being infront of an audience lol I couldnt even think of the name of my purfume - but he got it right!

  3. You guys met in Mexico? That's cool! Through friends... or totally random?

  4. OMG. I guarantee you that me and Fabian's answers would not be the same on so many of those. hahaha

    Wait. That's not funny.

  5. Love this! I want to do it too!

    I think it's hard to guess pet peeves. I personally have a ton so how is John supposed to guess my top one?

  6. Also: How did he say I love you by accident? I bet that's a super cute story!

  7. I love that you met in Cancun. How fun!

  8. YES YES YES to number three - Eric does that ALL the time and it drives me nutso!

    I love how you gave much more detailed answers to the questions that you had the same answers too, I think me and Eric would do the same thing. lol

  9. I don't think I'd dare play this with my wife. I'd probably end up in lots of trouble.

  10. So was he right about the first kiss or can you still not remember?

    Haha he accidentally said I love you! That's gotta be a good story!

  11. He said I love you by accident? What how does that happen? I did however love this little post. It was too cute :)

  12. This is a really cute idea! Might have to try this with Marco.

  13. Ha, this was fun to read! And you guys did get most of them right, so that is good! :)



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