Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Randoms for your Wednesday

Happy hump everyone! One day closer to the weekend :) I really had no idea what to post about today, so you are getting a bunch of my random thoughts. You are welcome :)
  • First, I want to wish the wonderful Lisa a very happy birthday today! Make sure you stop by her blog to wish her a happy birthday :)
  • I had a craving for pumpkin granola bars last night, so I decided to try out a recipe that I found. Well, it was a big fat fail. They tasted so gross, so straight to the garbage they went. I found another recipe, and was waiting for them to cool when I wrote this post. I'll have to let you know how they turned out.
  • Sometimes when I look at pictures on Instagram, I just have to shake my head. Some people make me think that if you don't take a picture of your workout, heart rate monitor, stats, workout clothes, etc then the workout didn't count. Sometimes it can be motivating, but other times it's just a little too much for me.
  • Speaking of workout clothes, I ordered this fine top from Lululemon on Sunday. I had two gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, so I finally found something that I wanted.

  • I just finished reading a book called The Final Piece by Maggi Myers and dang, it was a good book. Parts of it were hard to read as it dealt with sexual abuse, but it was a great book. Definitely recommend it.
Tell me something random happening for you this week.


  1. Love that top! I just wonder why they have their phone at the gym... maybe it is just me but I think I have maybe brought my phone into the gym with me 2 times ever!
    I am ready for Spring... the weather lately and all the Spring clothes is making me want to skip Feb, so that its March already.

  2. Also, if you don't hashtag said instagram photo with at least 6 different words or concepts, it doesn't count.
    #awesome #sarcastic #WTFiswrongwithyou #hashtag #seriously #WTF

  3. That shirt is cute!!! Can't say Pumpkin flavored anything is up my alley, but I hope the second batch turned out for you!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  4. Love that top! I would wear it for more than just running it looks comfy!

  5. I like that shirt! Did you order it in that color? It makes me think of spring/summer :)

  6. That is such a nice running top!!!

    Haha totally agree on the instagramming workout thing. Though I'm doing that right now with my #dailyyoga challenge for February so maybe I'm being a hypocrite :) haha

  7. this is the first week of my life that i am dreading the weekend so much!! i go back to work next week so i want time to SLOW DOWN!!! love your new top :)

  8. Oh no! That sucks about the pumpkin bars! Hope the next one tasted better.

    Haha I agree. I like the occasional workout picture (like your awesome crossfit ones) but seriously every workout? Ok we got it! You worked out!

    Love that new running shirt!

    And added that book to my reading list!

  9. Love that Lulu jacket. The color is awesome!

  10. Thank you for the birthday shoutout! That was so thoughtful of you!! :)

    I love the running top you picked out! Is that the color you went with? It's so bright and springy! Love it!

    I feel the same way about people posting about their workouts... It's like if they don't post about it, it didn't happen...

  11. Ughh.. I had a person on my Instagram post a picture of herself first thing in the morning and she had TEN hashtags following it including "#Hair #Girl #Eyes #Blonde #MoreHair #Typical #Nose" WTF?

  12. I know you liked my new nikes :)) haha

  13. Is that LuLu top maternity? It looks like it! I need to catch up on your blog to make sure I didn't miss something. hee

  14. I agree about posting workouts- I mean certainly if you are trying to motivate someone specifically or doing a challenge to motivate yourself, etc- I get it. But otherwise? It's not necessary to do, or for me to see :)
    I love the Lulu top! I also have a giftcard but I can't decide if I want new yoga pants or a shirt. Decisions, decisions!



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