Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Struggling and running related questions

Besides blogging about what we did on the weekend or how my training is going for the Run for L'Arche half marathon, I am struggling to find stuff to blog about. It's not that I don't want to blog, it's just that I can't think of anything to blog about. Do you ever go through periods like this? The blog might just be quiet for a little while longer so I can get my blogging mojo back.

But, I do have a question for my American readers (or Canadians who shop on-line)....where is the best priced place to buy running shoes? My MIL is in Phoenix right now, so I am hoping to either ship some to her or get her to pick me up a pair from a store in town. I usually run in the Asics gel cummulus, which are $149.99 in Canada at the Running Room. Hoping to pick up a new pair or two to get me through marathon training. 

On another running related note, I bought this Camelbak and hoping to try it out on my long run on the weekend. I have never run with one before, but couldn't handle the water belt constantly riding up my hips. Hoping this works out for me. Has anyone run with one before? 

Since we are talking about running, I had a great workout last night at CrossFit. It was one of those workouts where the sweat started right away and just didn't stop pouring out of me. The workout was:

5 rounds of using 45lbs
1 min SDLHP
1 min  OHS
1 min push jerk
1 min rest

Okay, that's all I've got for today. So, exciting I know!


  1. Try Running Warehouse. I think if you like their facebook page you can get a coupon code as well. (15% off maybe?)

  2. I have never run with a camel back but I have one just like that but pink! And I love it for hikes and mountain biking!
    Blog about whatever is on your mind, you are liking, wearing - anything goes - its your blog!

  3. I always ask if the shop has last year's model... I know the tech shop often has cummulus on sale from ether last year (around 15% off) or their big spring annual sale (around 89$). If you can wait until the police half marathon, that's when their big big sale is.

  4. I usually buy my sneakers in the states, just because it's so much cheaper. I did order a few pairs directly from the Nike site cause they were on sale, but I usually get them at a Nike outlet. I love my Camelbak! It is so comfy and convenient.

  5. Totally agree with Heather, get last year's model! I usually buy mine at Sports Authority or Dick's, or I shop online... Good luck!

  6. I think any running store in the states will have the shoes for cheaper! I was just in the states this weekend and meant to buy a new pair of running shoes but totally forgot to even look for them. Grr!

  7. Only shoes I ever find cheaper in the States are Nike's. The rest seems to be close to the same or within $15-20.

  8. I second runningwarehouse.com. They usually have coupon codes around too.
    You could also try Amazon and Zappos.com for price comparison. That's usually where I shop.

  9. I definitely have trouble coming up with topics to write about at times as well. If I really can't come up with anything, I will cut back on the number of posts/week. I hate that feeling of sort of hitting a runners block!

    Good luck finding shoes! I get mine at a local place that gives my run club 30% off, so I don't have any good suggestions as i have gotten spoiled by that!

  10. Hey Leigh
    i'm going to the states either Friday or Saturday this weekend - send me what you need.... princess anything for you!

  11. Do a day in the life post! I love reading those the most! And more recipes! you always have a ton of awesome recipes!

  12. You could post some more DIY's or Judy whatever! It's your blog!! You are allowed to post about whatever you want!!

  13. I have times like that too. I usually blog about Audrey or nothing! Don't force it. If you don't feel like blogging for a few days or even a couple weeks then just take a break.

    I do enjoy the Day in the Life posts, or your Three Things Thursdays are always entertaining.

    I often order my shoes on ebay.

    (PS your mom is so sweet!)

  14. www.roadrunnersports.com
    They have great deals on shoes, and the shipping in the states is free!I looked up the Gel Cumulus and they are 109.00 which is a pretty decent savings, and if you buy the VIP membership for $2 you save even more. They were less than $100 when I put them in with the VIP discount.
    Hope you find some awesome shoes!!

  15. Bummer about the lack of topics. I've never had that problem. In fact, I wish I had more time so I could blog more often. Oh, I'm sorry, is that rubbing it in?

    Mine started out as a fitness blog, and then branched out into other stuff that I'm interested in. Do not worry about readers, they'll take care of themselves. Set yourself a challenge. My current one was to request 28 words from readers, and blog once a day in Feb using the words they had supplied as a title. It's been interesting. There's a photo a day blog thing, and no doubt many others.

    Then again, don't feel you have to blog any more often than you feel like. It isn't a contest.

  16. I get my Nikes at the Nordstrom Rack :)

  17. I've been buying my shoes from Road Runner Sports lately. The prices are great and the shipping is fast and free. It is only worth it if you can ship them within the States though! I'm pretty bummed that these things are still so much more expensive in Canada!

    We all go through times when it is difficult to find things to blog about. Don't feel pressured to blog, just write what you feel passionate about, when you feel passionate about it!



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