Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Well, happy Valentine's Day everyone! Mr.D and I don't do anything for it because let's be's just a day for companies to make money and tell us that we have to buy our significant other chocolates, cards, etc. I'd rather have Mr.D buy me flowers or other things randomly throughout the year rather than on one specific day. That's just me though :) And kind of funny.....we got engaged on Valentine's Day four years ago now. Where has time gone?!

I haven't done one of these in a while, so it's time for a would you rather theme for TTT. And of course I've thought of some awesome questions. Here we go...

{one} would you rather for one full year be morbidly obese or be homeless? After the year was up, you will go back to your normal body or home.

This is a tough one for me....on one hand, it'd be sweet to just eat bad food and not feel bad about it, but it would also suck to feel so terrible about yourself and not be able to run, walk up stairs, etc. It would also suck to be homeless though too.

{two} would you rather lose your eyebrows or your eyelashes? And you can't replace either of them.

As funny as it might look without eyebrows, I'd say eyebrows. I love my eyelashes!

{three} would you rather lose an arm or a leg? 

Another tough one for me because it'd be hard to lots of stuff either way, but it'd be hard to do your hair, etc without an arm. But without a leg, it'd be hard to run and I'd miss running.

Let's hear your answers!


  1. Happy Valentines! I just like the day to eat chocolate and drink wine ;) LOL.

    Homeless, I think I would be more grateful after the year for everything I have.

    I agree, eyebrows plus I could always draw them in ;)

    A leg, I think it would be easier to use a prosthetic leg...

  2. I agree with you - I think Valentine's Day is overrated. If you're single you feel bad, if you're in a relationship you feel pressured to do something amazing.

    I'm like you, I'd rather do something nice for my boyfriend cause I want to, not cause I'm supposed to.

  3. Hmm I pick obese, and i have neither eyebrows or lashes soooo I'd like both back haha and I think leg.

  4. hmm - good one Leigh.

    I think I would rather be homeless...but not in Calgary...Somewhere warm ;)

    I'd go without eyebrows. Mine are bothersome enough as it is - somedays I think it would be easier to just draw them on everyday.

    And I am an artist so losing an arm would be traumatic...but if I lost a leg - I could get boingy feet and still be able to run. Just so long as they don't make you crazy because look at where Oscar Pistorius is now....

    I don't like the commercial crap surrounding valentines, but I do enjoy spending a day showering people with love. This year, I handmade all of my valentines and the looks on my family's faces were awesome when they saw them. We are a loving family year round, but one day a year we actually celebrate it in a really meaningful way and I think this year, with the twins being almost 4, they have finally "gotten" what it means to love and it is a beautiful thing to watch THEM celebrate it.

  5. 1. Morbidly obese. I could eat whatever I want for a year and then be my size again after it's over? YES PLEASE!

    2. Eyebrows. There are eyebrow pencils for that. I will paint some curious ones on myself so I always look interested in what people are saying.

    3. There's a girl in my running group that doesn't have a leg and she's a bad ass. So I'm gonna go with leg.

  6. 1. Obese.
    2. Eyebrows.
    3. Leg.

  7. Geez, those are tough!

    1. Obese because I live in too cold of a climate to attempt to be homeless!

    2. Eyebrows.

    3. An arm.

    Happy engagement anniversary!

  8. 1.'d be terrible but I'd be in the comfort of my own home.
    2. Eyelashes...i feel like it would be less noticeable maybe?
    3. I love to run as well, but I'd have to say leg. i could still do yoga without a leg, but need my arms for balance. i could do my 9-5 a lot quicker having both arms. i feel like i thought about this way too much LOL

    hope you're having a good weekend!

  9. You changed your header! I like it!

    You don't like V Day but you guys got engaged on that day? That's kinda funny actually!

    1. Obese but really neither!
    2. Eyebrows for sure-- I like my eyelashes and you can tattoo or pencil in eyebrows.
    3. Tough one! I'd say a leg since you could get a prosthetic and still be able to run. I think a prosthetic arm would be tougher for every day things. My dad had a prosthetic leg.



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