Monday, March 4, 2013

Highlights of the weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  I had a perfect weekend that included no plans and lots of relaxation.
 Mr.D was out of town, so it was just Harley and I.

 1. The crazy amount of snow we got on Sunday
2. Harley and I went to throw the ball on Saturday while it was still gorgeous
3. My hat was covered after shoveling on Sunday

1. My favorite easy dinner
2. Watched Pitch Perfect for the third time on Friday night
3. Crazy Harley chewing on his bone

Other than that, I went for a 12 mile run with Erica on Saturday and a CrossFit workout on Sunday. It was crazy snowy on Sunday, so I spent the day around the house cleaning and watching tv.

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. What's that easy dinner? Toast and scrambled eggs? And don't think I don't notice you changing your header again. First you made it black and white and now it's all fancy-like! (that rhymed!) I'm liking it!

  2. Love those weekends. And yes holy man did we get a lot of snow!!! What a change from Friday to Sunday!! I like the new header!

  3. I think every time we leave you guys get so much snow! We must have just missed it yesterday. When the plane left at 7:30am it was still clear out!

  4. I was pretty snowy too after shoveling - so much that I had to get the blow dryer out and dry my hair. It was soaked.

    I was supposed to go to a movie with the boyfriend on Sunday but I cancelled on him cause I didn't want to venture out.

  5. Love your header! Is it new? Or am I just noticing now?

    So much snow! There was like 1 inch when we went into church, and when we came out there were drifts higher than my boots! It came down so fast!

  6. Sounds like a good way to spend a snowy weekend - I can't believe how much snow you guys got yesterday! I worked 12 hours on Saturday and then we went out for drinks and appies with friends that night so didn't get into bed till late and had to get up Sunday morning to run. Needless to say I CRASHED last night at 9 pm and slept 9 hours straight. It was good though. We also made Mexican food last night so I'm about to devour the leftovers for lunch!

  7. Scrambled eggs? The perfect easy dinner! ;)

  8. Yay Pitch Perfect!! I almost watched that movie while I ran on the treadmill on Sunday!

    I'm so glad that J was in town this time to do all the shovelling! We had a huge snowstorm a couple months after we moved to our house and J was out of town for work. It took me forever to dig myself out!

  9. Nice work on the long run! Last weekend is such a blur for me... my weeks just run together these days. The highlight of my weekend last weekend was doing a game night with Phil.



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