Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am...

I am... someone who would rather have a few close friends than lots of friends
I am... someone who holds a mean grudge
I am... a true lover of working out and running. Sure some days are better than others, but nothing beats the feeling of a good workout
I am.... a dog lover. You'll never find a cat in my house
I am.... a romantic
I am... an emotional person and sometimes take things too personally
I am... a person who actually has their natural hair colour. It's only taken over a year, but there is no dye in my hair.
I am... afraid to say what's on my mind at times and then wish I would have just spoken up
I am.... excited, but nervous to have kids one day. I always wonder what they will look like.
I am... someone who cannot stand negative people
I am... an introvert, but working to bring myself to do new things and meet new people.
I am... a very impatient person.

Tell me: who are you and what makes you you?


  1. Loved this!

    I am.....someone who hates conflict but needs to be better about standing up for myself.
    I am....super organized
    I am.... an animal lover but VERY partial to cats ;)
    I am....super shy meeting new people. I am sure I would have better luck with this if I could be a little more brave.
    I am....a person who needs yoga in my life to keep things balanced

  2. I love this! And that is a beautiful pic of you!

  3. I'm an impatient introvert too! Love the new header :)

  4. I am a natural brunette as well. Haven't touched my hair with dye/highlights anything in close to 8 years!! :)

    I am a WANNBE running addict. I'm trying trying trying and hope to be like you!! :)

  5. Love this! And love that picture of you!

  6. Dog lover, natural hair and romantic over here too! ;)

  7. Such a great photo of you. Loved this, as we know, we are so similar. Except a cat visits our home and I have highlights!!

  8. Love this post! I dye my hair once every 6 months or so out of boredom! Love the photo... and who am I? well my boyfriend says I'm squirelly, but that's what he loves about me!

  9. We have a few things in common!! Love dogs, but also like cats! I'm not the most patient either! I'm working on it!! I think your kids will be cute!!

  10. I can't stand negative people, and never hold a grudge either. Also, I too am quite impatient.

  11. I am stubborn, indecisive, a realist (some would call me negative), addicted to working out, a lover of Girl Scout thin mints, someone who wants to say her mind but often is too worried of how others will take it, an over analyzer.

  12. Fun! I want to see a picture with your natural hair colour!

    I am working on being a much nicer person. I am the kind of person who is snarky, snappy and downright bitchy sometimes and I'm working on approaching things that frustrate or anger me from the perspective of "being my best self" and looking at them with kindness and compassion.

    I am also an extremely positive person (in my opinion). I rarely dwell on negative things and I choose to try and see the positive or silver lining in most situations. I believe life is too short to be unhappy or negative!

  13. This was fun to read!

    I am...
    - very emotional and cry very easily.
    - more negative these days than I usually am but am trying to turn the corner on that.
    - someone who loves running more than any other exercise.
    - a complete and total Francophile.

  14. And all of these things make you awesome!

    I wish I had the guts to have my natural hair colour but I really don't like it and it doesn't feel like me. Weird but true.

    I can't stand negative people either. It's fine to have a bad day but when it is constant it gets very annoying.

    I also suffer from not saying what's on my mind and then regretting it later. It's partly because I sometimes get emotional over it and want to avoid that. It sucks...

  15. I am: Late to the party. Saw this while on vacation, and only now getting around to commenting. I am a complexity, and have multitudes. In some ways I'm a texture of extremes, oscillating back and forth, but usually orbiting around some more central point. I have never dyed my hair, though I was thinking about it, then the stylist told me what swimming in salt water pools would do, so I didn't. I have no tattoos, but have considered it again and again. The closest I cam was after IMC, but wouldn't have got an M dot. Is that enough?



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