Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Run for L'Arche half marathon: race report

Race day has come and gone, and I am sad! I really enjoyed this race and can't wait for next years race :)

The race didn't start until 10am out of Eau Claire, so I had lots of time to sleep in, get my stuff ready and head downtown. My friend Erica {hi Erica!} are training together, so we decided we would run this race together. We decided that if one person felt like they could speed up, they were more than welcome to go ahead. Erica and I live in the same neighbourhood, so she picked me up around 9am and we headed downtown. We had a warm up of two kms to do, so we took off and did that before the race begin. It left us just enough time to make a quick bathroom break and we were off to the starting line!

Just crossing the starting line
The race was an out and back with a couple crossings under bridges {at 10th street and Crowchild Trail}. It started at Eau Claire and headed west past Shouldice Park to the turn around {you can find the course map here} and then straight back to Eau Claire. These pathways are pretty flat, so there were no big hills to conquer. There was a few really ice covered sections by Shouldice Park, but other than that the pathways were in perfect condition. It was also a really sunny day, but the wind was a bit chilly.

I started having knee pain around 12-14kms into the race, which I haven't had in a long time. I was so glad to have Erica by my side talking to me and helping me keep my mind off of the pain. It definitely made the kilometres go by quicker when you are not running alone! 

Erica & I after the race
The best part of the race would definitely have to be the fabulous volunteers who were out in the chilly weather cheering us on along the course. Everyone we came across was cheering and yelling for us. It was awesome! 

Erica and I had decided earlier in the week that our goal for the race was to finish in under two hours and we managed just that. Both of our finishing times were 1:59:00! We crossed the finish line, grabbed our medals and water, and met up with Mr.D who had brought Harley with him to watch us finish. I had a few kilometers to run after the race, so I grabbed Harley and we set off to finish them. Erica grabbed some pancakes, which I missed out on!

Coming into the finish
A big thank you goes out to Vern, Dawn and Don who worked extremely hard to organize this race and did a fantastic job at that! I also wanted to say thank you to them for letting me be part of this race...I loved the experience and can't wait for next year! I also owe a big thank you to Erica for staying with me the entire race, as I was struggling near the end and wouldn't have made it without her :)


  1. Love it! Hard to believe that you got some km's in after the race. Well done! I thought it was a great race too; next year, pancakes and a meet up for us both! ;)

  2. Great race!!! Nice work speedy Leigh! I agree running with a friend is way better and the time goes by faster for sure. I just talk to Cruz. ;)

  3. Congrats! And so speedy! I'm so proud of you for running despite your knee pain!

  4. Awesome job!!!I love races with pancakes after! It is something I actually look for haha.

  5. Great Race Leigh!! And it was so much fun running with you - I am super happy we're training for the marathon together! I think that you are very ambitous/(crazy??) to run 5 km after the race was over - way to go! I'll be looking to you to pull me through this weekend's long run :o)

    Also a big thank you for introducing me to Run for L'arche - it was such a fantastic race!! A great course, wonderful volunteers, and the pancakes at the end were a nice touch.

  6. Nice work! A sub-2 hour half in the winter on a path that had icy conditions in an area is awesome!! Or in ideal conditions sub-2 is awesome! I am glad you had a friend to run it wiht. That is a bummer about your knee hurting, though. :/

  7. congrats on a sub-2!!! great work!!

  8. congrats on a great race! :) And I hope your knee pain gets better.

  9. Congrats on a great finish! Weird how both of our knees started to bother us at the same time in the race. Dumb knees!

    Oh that sucks that you missed out on the pancakes- they were sooo good after the race!

  10. Great job on the race! It's so nice you have a running friend who is the same pace as you that you can run with. Also way to go on doing MORE kilometres after the race!!

  11. Congrats on another great race Leigh!



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