Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Run for L'Arche: training week eight

Race day is inching closer and closer, and I am getting excited for it! My fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates. 

Monday 3/4
  • 4.3km walk with Harley
  • CrossFit workout
Tuesday 3/5
  • 5.45km run {6:13/km pace} at lunch. This was not a good run at all! My body and head were not cooperating with me
  • 4.3km walk with Harley
Wednesday 3/6
  • Nike training shoulders and ab workout. If you don't have this free app on your iphone yet, I highly suggest it! There are some great at home workouts that vary in length.
Thursday 3/7
  • 8.17km run {5:32/km pace} at lunch with Dawn and Don, who are part of the Run for L'Arche organizing team. It was great to finally meet them and luckily, they slowed their speedy pace down for me :)
  • 4km walk with Harley
Friday 3/8
  • 4.4km walk with Harley
Saturday 3/9
  • 22.4km run {5:27/km pace}. I was struggling near the end of the run with motivation, but a few short untimed walk breaks helped me continue on.
Sunday 3/10
  • 5.5km walk with Harley
  • Nike training core crunch workout
Running: 36kms
Walking: 22kms

Overall, another great week of training. 

Tell me: how was your week of training or workouts?


  1. Besides Yoga Meltdown in the morning's and a couple runs my workouts have been no existent lately - silly holidays! That and all the eating here has me semi ready to get back to my routine at home!

  2. Wow good week!! I need to get that app!! Thanks! I like the TIU girls app too.

  3. Great job on the long run! You are going to kill your marathon with the paces you're able to keep in your long runs! Thanks for the tip about the Nike training app. I am trying to strength train at least once a week right now (kind of sad I know but I figure it's better than zero!) so I will have to try it. Maybe if the workouts are short I can fit in twice a week! Ha!

  4. Speed demon!

    I'll have to check out that app. I like free!

    I sure hope the weather is good too.

  5. Last week was a crappy week for me for workouts as I did something to my ankle that pretty much sidelined me for the week. :( I am back on track this week, though!



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