Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Run for L'Arche: training week ten

Well race day has come and gone, but I thought I would recap my final week of training leading up to the half marathon. My full race report of the half marathon will be up tomorrow :)

Monday 3/18

  • 4km walk with Harley
  • CrossFit workout of:
45, 30, 15 reps of:
Hand release pushups

Tuesday 3/19
  • 6.63km run {5:16/km avg pace} with Harley
Wednesday 3/20
  • 5.0km run {5:02/km avg pace}. The weather was too gorgeous to pass up this day!
Thursday 3/21
  • 4.5km walk with Harley
Friday 3/22
  • rest
Saturday 3/23- RACE DAY!
  • 2.0km warm up
  • 21.1km run {5:37/km avg pace} and finished in 1:59:00
  • 4.6km cook down with Harley
Sunday 3/24
  • 7.58km walk with Harley

Running:  39.0 kms
Walking: 16.0 kms

Overall, another great week of training. I was feeling pretty tired by the end of the week, which is why I took Friday as a total rest day and cut back on CrossFit. Sometimes the body just needs some rest.

Tell me: how was your week of workouts? Did you run any races?


  1. Great race!!! And awesome week. ouch to your hand! Those are not fun, I used to get rips as a gymnast. We used to put steeped tea bags on the zips. Cute top too!! ;)

  2. I always get the nasty callouses from Crossfit too! Maybe not that bad though. You go girl!

    I'm gonna have to stalk your Twitter feed to see how this race went...

  3. OUCH! That looks so painful! You are awesome for busting out so many pull ups unassisted. And good job on doing a warm up and a cool down to add on km around your half. I never do extra mileage on race days!

  4. Last week was an ok week for me. I didn't run as much as I would have liked, but I did get a nice walk in when I was in Charlotte and discovered an area where I will definitely be running. And I ran 6 miles with my running club on Saturday (well 3 miles with the group, 3 miles on my own as I turned back after 3 since they were all running a 12 mile out and back!).

  5. I'm glad you had a great race! And yes - I just braved the icky hand picture yet again in order to comment.



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