Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tell me about yourself

Blogging is very much about myself, myself, myself. Today I want to change that though and find out a little about my readers. But, in my usual fashion, the questions are not typical ones. I need to have a little fun here!

{one} what is your favorite day of the week to go grocery shopping? 

{two} what arm pit or leg do you shave first?

{three} what does your significant other do for work?

{four} what is your worst habit?

Tell me: let's hear your answers! Any questions you have for me?


  1. Saturday before noon.
    Arm pit, I rarely shave my legs. Lol. The hair grows slow!
    He is a business banker :)
    I am OCD... about too many things!
    What is your least favorite food?

  2. {one} At the risk of sounding like a total lame person I actual like grocery shopping on Saturday night. It's SO quiet I love it. This however doesn't usually happen and we end up going on Sunday's

    {two} I never really thought of this but my right leg

    {three} Environmental Reclamation - I tell people he is a tree hugger

    {four} Being bossy

  3. This is Fun :)

    {one} Any day that involves Costco Samples!

    {two} Left Leg

    {three} Electrician

    {four} Probably being a know-it-all! Haha

  4. None of them.
    Only shave face.
    Something to do with numbers that I don't even begin to understand.
    My lust for sweets, especially chocolate.

  5. Sunday is the day I go but I wouldn't say it's my favorite. My least favorite is the discount day. Can't stand the grocery stores then!

    I think maybe the left but I've never paid attention.

    Builds big machine parts

  6. Oops, missed one...I have no bad habits ;-)

  7. Haha this is fun - here are my answers:

    {one} Favorite day of shopping is ANY DAY BUT SATURDAY!

    {two} I always shave my right leg first and my left arm pit because I am wierd and don't grow hair under my right arm ??

    {three} My hubby is a supervisor in the government...most days he can be seen sitting at his desk playing golf against his boss on some sort of virtual site and checking twitter continuously for hockey trades LOL

    {four} My hubby would say that my worse habit is that when I take my clothes off, I leave them on the floor BUT right beside the clothes basket...he is always fighting with me to just put them in the basket but i just never do!

  8. Weekday - I hate going during the weekend.
    Left leg, right leg, right pit and then left pit.
    He's a construction project manager.
    Watching too much tv!

  9. We usually go Saturday or Sunday's but I've found the best time to go is EARLY on Saturday (before 8 am) or late on a weeknight (after 7 pm).
    I don't know, I think I switch it up. I also RARELY shave my legs. Maybe once a month, if that. Thank god for light and slow growing hair :)
    He's an architectural engineering student!
    Being snappy or snarky when I'm in a bad mood.

  10. {one} what is your favorite day of the week to go grocery shopping?
    When I'm out of food? I usually walk to the grocery store, so I'm actually there a few days a week to pick up items because I can't carry things all at once. I often go on Mondays though.

    {two} what arm pit or leg do you shave first?
    Left. Pretty much always left.

    {three} what does your significant other do for work?
    He is a university professor.

    {four} what is your worst habit?
    clenching my teeth. i don't know if that is a habit or just a reaction to stress? but it gives me headaches and according to my dentist, is damaging my teeth.

    Question for you - would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

  11. 1. None of the days. I hate grocery shopping but would LOVE if you would come and do it for me.
    2. Left arm pit, right leg. LOL
    3. Graphic artist. You'd think I'd have a better header for my blog, but no...
    4. I have so many. Why do I need to choose one? haha Let's go with social smoking (every month or so?). That crap has got to stop.

  12. We shop on Sundays!
    Left arm pit and rarely the legs haha.
    My husband works for the federal government.
    My worst habit is biting my cuticles. OMG they look awful.

  13. Love this!
    1. I actually like grocery shopping on Saturdays. My fiance' and I do it together so this works out well for us. Sometimes it Sundays but I like Saturday's best.
    2. left leg and armpit are first - I'm not sure why.
    3. computer engineer
    4. probably biting my nails or chewing on them, I realize that's gross and I try to stop but what do you know, it's a bad habit!

  14. So fun!
    1. I grocery shop weekday afternoons, and the day changes each time. With my funky work schedule, I can't shop on weekends, so it works for me.

    2. I usually shave my left side first, but that's because I'm right handed {for the armpit} and so my back can be toward the water and my leg up on the bathtub side.

    3. Billy is an optician at Costco. He sells glasses and contacts, does repairs on glasses, and deals with the public. Hard stuff!

    4. I'm impatient, hold others to the high standards I expect of myself, and I don't shower immediately after a workout which drives Billy crazy!

  15. This is such a cute idea!
    1. I despise grocery shopping, so no days are my favorite.
    2. Left arm pit, right leg.
    3. He is in law school, but also works as a Property Manager for his Dad's company.
    4. I am not sure if this is a bad habit, but it drives Marco crazy - I am a clean freak. Everything always has to be in its place. I am constantly on him to clean up after himself.

  16. 1) Tuesdays are my grocery shopping days. Mainly because at Safeway the first Tuesday of every month is 10% off day. But I wouldn;t go after 11am...too busy.

    2) left arm pit, right leg. I too hardly shave my legs.

    3) Electrical Project Manager

    4) I think I have a ton of bad habits. i always leave the pantry door open a crack and then the dog gets into the garbage.

  17. We used to do Sunday shopping, but now its random... I shave the left legs could use some shaving lol. hubs is a DJ. bad habit.... probably cussing

  18. 1. Saturday or Sunday - M and I do groceries together!
    2. Left arm pit first, right leg lol
    3. We have a family business of Farm Drainage!
    4. M would say my bad habit is online shopping!

  19. 1) I grocery shop most days of the week!
    2) Left first I think
    3) He works for FedEX and plays drums in a band
    4) Bad habit ... over-analyzing maybe

  20. 1) Any weekday before 8 am or after 8 pm is my favourite time
    2) Left first
    3) engineer, he's currently doing a masters in geophysics
    4) I have a lot of bad habits. The worst snuck up on me - being late!!! I'm working on it!

  21. FUN!

    1) Usually Saturdays after my long run - that way I am kid free and can just get it done.

    2) I think my right arm is where I start

    3) Hubby does the same thing as I do (we met in web design school) - web content management - he just does it in Oil and Gas while I am a public servant...

    4) I am a nervous cuticle picker...its easy to tell if I'm nervous about something because my hands are a mess.

  22. 1. I like to go on Friday evenings if I have it together enough to have a list made. Otherwise I like to go on Sunday in the late afternoon, even though it's busy then.
    2. I start with my right leg, but shave my left armpit before my right.
    3. Phil is a trader for a mutual fund.
    4. I bite my nails and pick at my cuticles/hang nails.

  23. 1. Monday mornings - always brand new stock and best sell by dates, and it's normally quiet!
    2. Always my left - because I am right handed.
    3. My husband owns his own Investment and Site Services Company
    4. I am addicted to Coca-Cola - it is a terrible habit and addiction!!

  24. Like :)
    1- Wednesday .It is when my shopping store of choice,discounts a lot of stuff. It makes it easier to save some cash.

    2- Right side

    3- Math tutor

    4- my laziness when it comes to cleaning (or at least keeping up with it)

  25. I love this idea- great way to get to know your readers!

    1. Um, never? Whenever J goes to the grocery store is good for me! When I was on mat leave I didn't mind going during the week in the daytime to avoid the crowds.

    2. My right?

    3. COO at a property management company

    4. Interrupting people and being grumpy, not necessarily at the same time.

    What are your answers for the above questions?



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