Thursday, March 7, 2013

The misadventures of Leigh & Mr.D

I am the first to admit that I am a pretty boring person and was never arrested, went streaking, etc, but I do have a good story for you. This story is from May of 2008 when I moved to Alberta to be with my then boyfriend Mr.D. My mom and I had driven from Ontario a couple days before and she was getting ready to leave later in the day to fly back to Ontario.
Mr.D was still in school at this time, so he had driven to a c-train lot that was near the football stadium in Edmonton and took the train to school. Meanwhile, my mom and I were hanging out waiting for Mr.D to be done classes. All of the sudden, my phone starts ringing and it's Mr.D calling to let me know that he had was back at the parking lot and his truck was no where to be found. I suggested that he call the towing company in case they towed it for some add reason, but no luck. So, he decided to walk over to the parking spot he was in, but didn't spot any glass on the ground. At this point, we figured someone had helped themselves to his truck. I think the best part is that his truck was a 1994 S10 that he had bought off of his grandpa. It was pretty sweet! It looked similar to this:

Pretty sweet truck hey?
After picking Mr.D up from the train station, we headed to the airport to say goodbye to my mom. I think she was nervous leaving me in this big city where sweet trucks are stolen. 

Saying goodbye at the airport
After the airport, we headed to a cop shop to report Mr.D's truck as stolen. Since we were close to his parent's house, we decided to head back there to play a little Wii bowling. A couple hours later, we decided to head back to our place in St.Albert. As we were driving down the Yellowhead, Mr.D looks over and all of the sudden yells out "that's my truck!". After getting over our shock of actually spotting his stolen truck in the city, I quickly speed up to get behind the truck while Mr.D calls 911. The young kid driving the truck quickly caught on that we knew the truck was stolen, so he takes off really fast trying to lose us. Unfortunately for him, it's getting close to rush hour and he choose the wrong road to turn onto. Meanwhile, Mr.D is still on the phone with the police who tell us not to approach the truck and pull off on a side street so they can apprehend the driver. We do as we are told and can hear the police chopper circling above us. Five minutes then ten minutes then twenty minutes go by with no word from the cops, and we are starting to get really worried. Finally, a cop comes by to tell us that they were able to stop the suspect and get the truck back, and for us to head to a nearby cop shop so we can get Mr.D's truck back.

After waiting a while for the police to tow his truck to the cop shop, it finally shows up. Unfortunately, the suspect decided to run into a police cruiser, so it wasn't looking so pretty. 

So, that's the totally random story of how Mr.D had his truck stolen, we saw it, we chased it and had it returned to him all in the same day. It was seriously crazy!

Tell me: have you ever had a vehicle stolen? Have you ever seen it or had it returned in the same day?


  1. Oh geesh! Too funny, well not at the time but now. Never had anything like that happen to us!

  2. Wow that is pretty crazy!!

  3. I love this story, it's so crazy!!! What are the chances!! Poor truck.

  4. Wow! That's kind of cool story to look back on. Also, you look so young and cute in that picture!

  5. That is a very crazy story! I love how the thief got spotted by you and then caught in rush hour traffic, lol!
    I have had the good fortune of never having a vehicle stolen, although I did randomly get all my tires slashed in a parking lot in Regina. That sucked!!

  6. Ahh!! How crazy is that! Glad you got it back.

  7. Oh my gosh that's hilarious!!! Great, great story! Nothing exciting like that has ever really happened to me. Although, one of my greatest stories is actually from a trip to Edmonton - I was on a mission trip there and got stuck in the seat belt of the church van (and I had to pee). They didn't want to cut the seat belt because it was a rental van but they kept making it tighter as they were trying to get it undone. My best friend just laughed and took pictures the whole time. They finally cut it and wound up not having to pay for it. But talking about Edmonton reminded me of that!

  8. This is an AWESOME story. I love it. That is so random you ended up seeing his truck on the road in such a big city and then chased it down - you're so bad ass! Haha

  9. That's one crazy story.

    Friends of mine had their car stolen from outside their house. When the police found it they said the thief had installed a high end stereo, so before the police let my friends have the car back, they had to take the stereo out. A week or two after they got their car back, it was stolen again, from outside their house. They got it back pretty quick, but the police thought that the thief was trying to get his stereo out of the car. Little did he know that the police already had it.

  10. Wow - that is a CRAZY story!! I have luckily never had my car stolen!

  11. I remember you telling me this story! So crazy! I think I told you about the roof of my car being stolen right? The things that people go after...

    You look soooo young in that picture at the airport.

  12. Wow, that is a crazy story! Glad you were able to get his truck back!



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