Friday, April 5, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I was glad that this week was a four day work week, but it felt longer because of that. 

Let's talk about the fabulous parts of this week:

  • it was only a four day work week
  • the weather was nice at least one day this week!
  • Walking Disaster was released and is fabulous so far. If you haven't read Beautiful Disaster, I highly suggest it!
  • a tough, but good workout at CrossFit on Tuesday night
  • a yummy dinner made by Mr.D on Thursday night
  • finding out that my vacation was approved 
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tell me: what was a fabulous part of your week?


  1. Tuesday was definitely the best part of my week because of the weather - I went for a walk after work to take in all the sunshine I could.

  2. All great things!! Good list! YAY for Friday! Have a good weekend!! :) Cute photo!

  3. Cutest photo of you guys!

    Yay for vacation approval! Do you have to submit it super far in advance? I need to figure out my vacation time for this year ASAP. Won't be going anywhere exciting like you though!

    Fabulous part of my week? Picking up Audrey after work every day! She gets so excited to see me.

  4. A fabulous part of my week last week was spending extra time with Phil when I stayed with him before my move, and seeing friends at a final dinner out on Sat night. I am glad the weather is nice - that helps w/ marathon training I bet!



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