Monday, April 8, 2013

Highlights of the weekend

Boo Monday! I'd like to say that our weekend was filled with partying, drinking and just craziness, but that is definitely not how we roll around here. I'll be honest, I was never a big party animal even in university and I am okay with that :)

1. Christmas came early for us on Friday! We bought ourselves a Dyson animal vacuum. We've been borrowing a Dyson from our BIL/SIL while they've been living in NYC, but since they are back soon, we decided to get our own. If anyone is wondering, they are currently on sale this week :)

2. The snow started on Saturday night and hasn't stopped yet (well, not when I was writing this post at least). So over winter.

3. I read a lot of books this weekend and have no shame about it {find the books here, here, and here}

4. My running partner and friend was gone this weekend, so it was 32 solo kilometers for me. The weather wasn't the greatest, but I got it done.

Other than that, Alison and I were going to go shopping yesterday, but with the crappy weather we decided to call it a pj day and reschedule for another weekend. Ooh, and on Friday night, we went and tried Smashburger for the first time. I am never one to crave a burger, but damn was it ever good!

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. I'm definitely ready for winter to be over too. It just seems to be hanging on this year.

  2. I really wanted that shopping day!! :( YAY for early Christmas -it looks like xmas out there!!! YUCK. Come on Spring seriously!! Nice work on the 32km you are a machine!!

  3. I want that vacuum!! I saw thre was a few different pet ones but I am not sure what the difference is? How expensive are they out there?

    Yuck to the snow! I was just thinking we finally got spring, but I guess I could be wrong!! Hope it melts soon!!

  4. Ugh, can't believe you still have snow! We finally had our first nice weekend with temps in the 60s and it was glorious!

    Our weekend recaps are next partying and craziness either -- not my style ;)

  5. Winter can leave! She has definitely overstayed her welcome by a few months.

    32KM by yourself in this crappy weather? Great job!

    Love my Dyson. Makes vacuuming just a little more tolerable.

    Where is Smashburger? Now I am craving a burger!

  6. Good for you for getting 32 km done all on your own! And BOOOO to the snow, I hope it doesn't come this way!!

    We just bought a new vacuum a few months ago and it's just a Dirt Devil but we only have carpet on our stairs so it works well enough. For our hardwood and tile floor we use one of those little swiffer vacuums. So gross to see all the hair that comes from our pets!

  7. Anddddd it's still snowing. :o(
    Way to go on crushing solo 32 km at a great pace!!

  8. Lol your weekends always sound like mine. Boring old married ladies, I suppose. I love it though, no energy for partying anymore except for the odd girl's night out. Nothing like being at home with your hubby and pup!

  9. booo for the snow!! hopefully the sun comes soon

  10. My weekends never include partying or drinking either and I wasn't a big drinker in college either! I didn't realize that your brother & sister-in-law's move to NYC was not for a longer time. That is kind of perfect as they got to experience a new city but get to return to family!



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