Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home tour: master bedroom update

Last week, I showed you the DIY project that I did {find it here}, but never mentioned what I had planned to do with it. Well, the space above our bed has been empty since we moved in, so I thought it would work perfectly for that space. When we moved into our house, I did a house tour and I thought I would give you an update of what I've done to it. It's nothing major, but much better than the plain room it was before.


Just a couple simple touches to the room and I like it so far. I still want to paint the room, but that will have to wait until marathon training is done and I have more time on the weekend.

Tell me: have you done any updating to your house lately?


  1. Looks great! Love it with the new pillows. Nice work!!

  2. Looks great! Nope, not lately but I would LOVE to!

  3. I haven't done antyhing yet but have a few ideas floating around.
    The pillows and that picture really brighten up your bedroom.
    Those little things can make such a huge difference.

  4. Looks great! Love the colors!!

    I need to do an update on many of the rooms in my house now!!

  5. That picture looks great above the bed! One of my April goals is to get our living room painted. Eric and I want to make a few changes to the main floor of our house and one of the big ones is painting it. Hoping to get that done the weekend after this one coming up :)

  6. Love the pic over your bed! Great job!

  7. I love the pop of colour in the picture and the bright pillows. Definitely makes a huge difference. I think some paint would be great too.

    I like your bedroom furniture too.

  8. Wow! The DIY painting and new pillows really brighten up your room! I also like the B&W wedding photos. Good work friend!

  9. sweet DIY project.
    The answer to you question is NO. But hopefully within the next year I can tell you we are remodelling the kitchen. Or bought a more feminine comforter. Or have couches that recline!

  10. That looks awesome and it coordinates with the throw pillows on the bed so well! I love your furniture, by the way!



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