Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday

My blogging mojo is currently lacking and not sure why. Might have to do with being busy at work and the nice weather that makes me not want to sit down at the computer. Oh well, onwards and upwards :)

My three random thoughts for this fine Thursday:

{one} This time in two weeks I will be in Ireland!! So excited, but so nervous because I haven't even thought about packing yet. Hoping to pick up some stuff to take with me this weekend when Alison and I go shopping.

{two} the weather is finally starting to look up here! 16C today, 18C on Friday and 16C on Saturday. Oh and just a lovely 5C on Sunday for my half marathon. Worst luck ever!

{three} I was spoiled by my work and colleagues this week for administrative assistant week. I received two beautiful bouquets of flowers and two awesome lunches!

Tell me: something random or exciting about your week!


  1. That came up quick!! I hope you guys have a great time :) I will make it down to Calgary one day to catch up!
    You reminded me that I need to go and get our EA some goodies!

  2. Layne and I had a date night last night and we tried a new restaurant in town. I'm pretty sure I had the best vermicelli bowl in the entire world! What's cool is that a good buddy of ours opened it and is the chef there.

    I can't wait to read all about your Ireland trip!

  3. SOOOOO exciting about Ireland. I can't wait to hear ALL about it!

    That's awesome the weather is really picking up but yes bad luck about the half-marathon weather for Sunday. Hopefully it's wrong!

  4. YAY for this weather finally, I hope we actually get what they are calling for! You were spoiled!! I got lunch out yesterday too! I'm excited for shopping!

  5. I can't believe your trip is almost here! So exciting :)
    Have fun shopping and hopefully you find some great things.
    Which half is on Sunday?

  6. Are you doing the police half? The weather actually looks like it might not be too bad. The weather network says low of 1 and high of 14 right now...

  7. Hope you have fun shopping! Our weather is being retarded as well! Like it was 30 last week and now just above 0... just when you think things are looking up lol!
    Pretty flowers!!

  8. Yay for admin day!! I got free lunch :D

  9. Goodness I was confused! I thought you were going to Ireland AND the rest of Europe all together in August. Look at you- going overseas twice in less than 6 months! Lucky duck!

    So who are you going with in August? The Ireland trip is with your mom right?

    Good luck on your race this weekend!

    Beautiful flowers!

  10. I hope you have fun on your trip - I'd love to go to Ireland some day.

  11. I'm so excited about going to Ireland with you... can't wait.
    have my clothes sitting in a pile ready to go...

  12. I can't wait to hear about your Ireland trip!!
    Go figure about the weather for your 1/2 marathon.. fingers crossed it's wrong!!

  13. Wow, your Ireland trip is coming fast! How exciting! Will you have to do a long run over there or will you be at your taper point by then? I am guessing taper point but am not sure!



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