Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Training Tuesday

After seeing the news about Boston yesterday, I just couldn't tear myself away from my computer screen at work. So horrible that people would do that to innocent people. Makes me so sad. Thoughts are definitely with those who were affected by it.

But, training must go on. With all of the snow and being out of town for three days, my training wasn't too bad.

Monday 4/8
  • 4.0km walk 
  • CrossFit workout
Tuesday 4/9
  • 7.3km run {5:31/km avg pace} with Harley
Wednesday 4/10
  • 3.2km walk
Thursday 4/11
  • CrossFit workout at the hotel gym
  • 5.0km walk
Friday 4/12
  • 7.6km run {5:23/km avg pace} around Banff
  • 3.2km walk
Saturday 4/13
  • rest
Sunday 4/14
  • 10.0km run at the gym. It was way too snowy out to run outside! 

Running: 25.0kms
Walking:  19.0kms

Tell me: how was your week of workouts? 


  1. Great workout week! I am ready to get back running outside so c'mon Mother Nature!! I am going to run the 26.2 mins tonight for Boston :) It is my drive to get back into it.

  2. It's awful about Boston. Some people are just plain awful. I am ready for mother nature to beat it so running outside is more doable. Good workout week!!

  3. Great week even with being out of town! Your run around Banff must have been so nice. Better than Melissa's a couple years ago?

    I am still in disbelief about the BM bombings. This has really hit home.

  4. Another great workout week for you! How are you feeling as the marathon gets closer? Are you happy with how your training is going?

  5. You had another strong week of training. I hope that the weather gets better soon. Snow in April is just depressing!! Your marathon is fast approaching but I know you will run a great race!



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