Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Training Tuesday

Monday 4/22
  • 4.1km walk with Harley
  • CrossFit workout
Tuesday 4/23
  • 7.1km {5:28/km avg pace} run with Harley
  • 15 mins Nike Training Club ab burner
Wednesday 4/24
  • 4.2km walk with Harley
  • CrossFit workout
    AMRAP in 4 minutes of:
    15 hand release push ups
    15 SDLHP (65lbs) 
    Rest two minutes
    AMRAP in 4 minutes of:
    15 hand release push ups
    15 SDLHP (65lbs) 

Thursday 4/25
  • 5.35km {5:05/km avg pace} run 
  • 3.08km run/walk with Harley. He was having nothing to do with running, so we walked home
Friday 4/26
  • rest
Saturday 4/27
  • 5.0km walk with Harley
Sunday 4/28
  • Calgary Police half marathon 21.43km {5:40/km avg pace} 
Running: 34.0kms
Walking: 20.0kms


Overall, not a bad week of training and workouts for me. The past couple of long runs that I've done, I have been having some ankle and knee pain. Does anyone know of some good stretches for me to do? Or reasons why my ankle would be hurting?


  1. Was the ankle pain after the race? Did you land funny at all? I know knee pain for me always meant new shoes, or a imbalance from my hamstrings and quads, when one is stronger than the other it creates the imbalance and pulls on the knees. Try some ankle circles too.

  2. Tight ankles/ankle pain is usually from tight calves and tight knees from hamstrings/quads. I would stretch those areas lots over the next few days and also ice right after your run!

  3. Oh and the best stretch for me for my calves is holding downward dog and bicycling my legs!

  4. Another good and busy week! Harley was not wanting to run?! Is that strange? Silly boy!!

  5. If you don't recall anything to specificall cause pain in knees or ankles, it's probably tighness (with a capital T) in bigger leg muscles. Calves especially. Lots of stretches to look up for those. Pigeon pose is really good for IT bands. Get something to read while doing it, because you have to hold it a long time, and relax into it. Some of the calf stretches are really good for ankles.

  6. Hmm.. I don't know about the ankle pain, but knee pain can be caused by tightness in the quad or IT band. I would try using a foam roller if you aren't already. And try pigeon pose as others have suggested? I hope it goes away!!



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