Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Calgary Police Half Marathon: race report

This past Sunday, I ran the Calgary police half marathon with my friend and training partner extraordinaire Erica. I was getting nervous about the weather in the days leading up to the race because it was super windy and not so nice. Thankfully, the wind died down {a bit!} and it wasn't too cold at the start.

The expo

The expo and package pick up took place on the Friday and Saturday before the race. This race is also famous for it's mother of a sale on clothing and running shoes. Erica and I headed there on the Friday night around 7pm, and it luckily wasn't too busy. Neither of us had much luck at the sale, but did find a couple pairs of socks.

The race

The race started bright and early at 8am, so Erica and I made our way to the Mount Royal University (where the race started/finished) and got there with plenty of time to find free parking. We headed into the building to keep warm before the race started. Before we knew it, it was time to line up! Going into the race, our main goals were to not let the hills beat us and hopefully finish under two hours. Since we were using this race as a training for the Calgary full marathon, we weren't trying to push the pace. 

The route heads out from Mount Royal University and heads down and around the Glenmore Reservoir, which is an area that I have never run before. Best part of the race would have to be running by all the gorgeous and expensive homes near the Rockyview Hospital! For a detailed map of the race route, go here.

I was feeling pretty good up until about kilometer 11 or 12 of the race. My ankle and knees have been giving me grief on my long runs lately, and both started to dull ache about this point. I wasn't a very good partner to Erica in this race, as my head was in a very pessimistic state and I barely said a word to her after the half way point! Sorry again Erica. I think the smartest thing we decided to do was walk up the hill coming out of the weaselhead. That hill was killer!

The last two kilometers were definitely a struggle and I just wanted to be finished! The hardest part during the race was that my Garmin was off the markers, so I I knew we had more to run then what my Garmin was actually telling me. Thankfully, the finish line came into sight and we crossed it together with a finish time of 2:01:30. Not bad considering we walked up that big hill!

After the race, we headed inside to warm up and grab some food. They had the best cookies! Can you tell I am easy to please? :)

Overall, it was fun to run a new race. Thanks again for running with me Erica!


  1. Good work Leigh!! Still a great time. And even cookies could not make me run at far! ha ha :) Maybe some day! Congrats!!

  2. Great job!! I love treats at the end of races, however my favorite is pancakes lol.

  3. Awesome job Leigh! Good call on walking the big hill- I'm pretty sure most people walk it.

    I had a tough time mentally during that race as well. I can't believe you have never run around the Reservoir before! I love it there and miss being in the South since it's so inconvenient to go there now.

  4. Awesome job and awesome time! :)

  5. Cookies after a run are the best kind of cookies :)
    Congrats on the great time!

  6. Nice work! I think that is a great time! I hope the issues with your knees and ankles go away... hopefully some of the tips from your last post help and you start to notice a difference!

  7. Great job on a super hard race course!! I ran it also, and also walked up that hill... then passed a bunch of people who tried to run up it and tired themselves out. I also think a lot of people had the course show as long on their garmins... not sure what's up with that.

  8. The course showed up as 300m longer on my Garmin :P



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