Friday, May 31, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy weekend everyone! It's been raining and grey here again this ready for some sunshine and summer weather. Can you make that happen mother nature?!

The fabulous parts of my week were:
  • not feeling the pressure to get my training runs in. I took it easy on Monday and Tuesday, returned to CrossFit on Wednesday and did one of the Insanity workouts last night.
  • going to bed early and catching up on my sleep from Sunday
  • going for a massage on Monday. My legs were so thankful for it!
  • all of your wonderful comments on my marathon recap
Mr.D and I have been looking for places to stay in London, Paris and Rome for our trip in August. We've found a couple nice places to stay, but are looking for input into neighbourhoods/areas to stay in. If you've been to any of these places, let me know where you have stayed and if you would recommend it. Thank you!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Our weather has been really rainy and grey too. Come on Canada, pull up your socks and give us some sunshine!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. I am with ya on the weather! It needs to change!! Glad you have had a good week!

  3. London, Paris, and Rome are all amazing cities - you're going to have an amazing trip!

  4. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow! But then rain again on Sunday. At least it's giving us pretty green grass and lovely flowers.

    Read all your Ireland posts but can't comment from my phone. Did you eat any butter?

  5. We stayed in Arrondissement 4 in Paris. We really liked that area because it was close to the subway, fairly close to attractions (especially when using the bike system) but not quite as touristy as other areas. There were lots of shops, and cafes to eat at. I loved it there and now I want to go back!

    Do either of you speak French?

  6. DON'T stay near the train station in Rome! That's where we got robbed. Also try to find a place in Rome where you have to actually walk passed the front desk to get to other rooms. At our place the front desk was through a separate doorway so anyone could walk off the street and go up the stairs to where the rooms were.

    How's that for where NOT to stay. Haha

  7. For your Paris trip, if you can stay in arrondissement 3 or 4, that would be a great area. But really any arrondissement between 1-7 is great, and even 8 would be good as it's not really that far out from the center. 3 & 4 are my favorite as that's the Jewish quarter and it felt very quaint and cute to me! That is so exciting that you are heading back to Europe. You are going to have a wonderful trip. If you need suggestions on things to do and see in Paris, let me know! I always HIGHLY recommend doing the Fat Tire Bike Tours, but I probably already told you that! It's best to do it on your 1st or 2nd day there as you get a feel for the city and will know what areas you want to go back to! Do the evening one as you ride a boat on the Seine and the guides bring wine!



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