Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ireland 2013 {part four}

You can find the first posts here, here and here.

On our last full day in Ireland, we drove from Killarney to Killiney which is on the outskirts of Dublin. It was another exciting drive as our route included some windy roads! We stayed at the Fitzpatrick Castle, which was an older hotel. It wasn’t the nicest place we stayed in, but it was only for a night.

In the afternoon, we took the train into Dublin which was about a 5 Euro round trip. Much easier than driving into Dublin and trying to find parking. We looked around on Grafton Street and wondered through Trinity College.



Loved this sign we found!



The view from our room of Dublin Bay

We didn’t end up spending too much time in Dublin as we were all pretty tired and it was busy in Dublin. One more day to spend time in Dublin would have been perfect!

The next day we made the long trek home Sad smile

A few tips:

  • our car came with a GPS, but they oddly don’t use addresses in Ireland. A lot of the hotels we stayed at weren’t in the GPS, so we had to either search for them or ask for directions. Stop and buy a map of Ireland to help you.
  • it was very windy and rained most days we were there, so bring a good rain jacket with a hood, boots and an umbrella. Oh and dress in layers!
  • all the places we went to used Euros. Only Northern Ireland uses pounds.
  • bring a converter for your flat iron, chargers, etc
  • most rooms didn’t have the hair dryer in the bathroom. They were always randomly in the desk drawer or closet. Make sure you check there!
  • stop in at the information centres for maps of the area you are in and for things to do, places to eat, etc.
  • the speed limit is in kilometers per hour. Lots of areas were 100km/h, but there was no way you could actually go that fast with the sharp corners!

Overall, it was so worth the money and time to go to Ireland! If you have any questions about the places we went or stayed, feel free to ask!


  1. Did you bring a converter for your straightener and if so, did it work for you? I fried 2 straighteners in Europe as I didn't realize I needed a converter AND an adaptor, so I gave up on having straight hair in Europe. I was tempted to try buying a converter and using that in addition to adaptor, but my straightener is so expensive, I was worried it would still ruin it!

    Anyways, back to the post at hand. I love that marathon sign! It's so very true! I am glad you had such a wonderful time on this trip!

  2. Great sign for you!! Sounds like an awesome trip!!

  3. Cool sign!! I love all the old buildings.

    The pictures make me cold though- so rainy! I would love to go to Ireland one day.

    I also fried my blowdryer using an adapter/converter. I checked to make sure it was both and it still died! Glad it wasn't an expensive appliance! I didn't really do my hair as much when in Europe (which is BIG for me) since 1) my blowdryer didn't work and 2) it was just getting ruined in the wind anyway so decided to stop wasting my time!!



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