Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ireland 2013 {part one}

As I sat typing up this post last night, I was struggling about where to start recapping such a fabulous trip. I am thinking my recap might end up being 3-4 posts, but I don’t want to leave anything out!

Starting from the very beginning…..we left Chicago flying into Dublin on May 8th. The flight was just over six hours long and wasn’t as bad as I though it was going to be. We arrived in Dublin just before 6am and headed to pick up our rental car. Once we had our rental car, we headed to our first stop which was the Dunboyne castle hotel, which is located just outside of Dublin. They luckily had our rooms ready at 7am, so we were able to crash for four hours. Once we caught up on sleep, we sat down and started planning our next couple of days. The rest of the day was just spent hanging out and then we went into the town centre for some dinner at a local pub.



The next day, we were off to make our way to the city of Donegal. That day, we saw two castles. One was called Tully Castle and it was located off this back road that we just happened upon. The second one was located in the centre of Donegal called Donegal Castle.


Tully Castle



Donegal Castle

We spent that night and the next night at the Lough Eske Castle, which was beyond gorgeous! If I could have stayed here for the rest of the trip, I would have. Everything about it was beyond gorgeous.


The front of the castle


Our beautiful room

We also did some touring around, which included seeing the highest cliffs in Europe (and no, not the Cliffs of Moher!) called Slieve League. The drive to the cliffs was seriously crazy, but so so worth it. If you go here, make sure you stop and drive through the gate that is close to the top. It’s only there to keep the sheep in the right area, and you will regret not driving all the way up!



The gorgeous views!


Baa baa


  1. Love the castles, we went to a few in Switzerland and I loved them. And your room was beautiful!

  2. O...M...G!! Already your trip looks/sounds like a dream! I am so taking notes for my hopefully soon to be trip! Question, did you guys find it difficult to navigate around? Was driving in general (it's the opposite side of the road, right?) fairly easy?

  3. LOVE the castles. It looks so amazing already!! I am officially adding it to the list - Justin are you reading this? That room alone is amazing!! Can't wait to see more.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous! The castles look amazing! I love how green everything is. Did it rain lots?

  5. So beautiful! All the castles look amazing!! I really hope we can make a trip to Ireland happen for us next year! I am more than happy to read four or five posts about your trip :)

  6. Leigh - I had to answer the driving question - I'm Leigh's mom and I drove the entire trip, otherside of the road and a standard.... loved every minute of it - roads are narrow so you have to keep focused. Had a map navigator in the front a gps that didn't always help and Leigh in the back. But you can't get lost as the people are so amazingly helpful. Leigh will tell you I might have driven fast around the s bends - but life should be full of surprises. Go enjoy.. it's worth it

  7. I feel like I would have the hardest time rememberng which side of the road to drive on! I'm so jealous of your trip, can't wait to see more photos!!

  8. This makes me really want to go back there!

  9. Ireland looks absolutely beautiful!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to read more about your trip!!

  11. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful. I can't wait to read more about your trip. Looks like the weather was decent as I see blue skies in that picture!

  12. That room is gorgeous!!! Looks great soo far!!!



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